Statistically Improbable Free for a limited time

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Statistically Improbable
by Jennifer Peel

Series: Dating by Design #2
Publication Date March 10, 2017
Statistically Improbable Free for a limited time Genres: Romance, Clean Romance
Pages: 252


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Two professional matchmakers. One fake relationship. He's a playboy. She's a good girl. What could possibly go wrong?

According to Binary Search's matchmaking service, Meg and Zander's odds of ever having a successful relationship are statistically improbable. Meg has run the numbers and knows the probability, but for some reason she can't quit thinking about her coworker, Zander--the self-proclaimed eternal bachelor.

To make matters more interesting, Zander approaches her with an unusual proposition. He's in need of a pretend girlfriend. Meg thinks this could be the answer to get him out of her system, and maybe knock the arrogant man down a few notches in the process. But what she doesn't realize is there is more to this man, something he carefully hides behind his arrogant exterior. And when her feelings begin to be anything but pretend, she knows the odds of getting hurt are more than probable.

Will they let the odds over come them, or will they find that all the reasons they are wrong for each other are exactly what make them a perfect fit?

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Statistically Improbable by Jennifer Peel is on free for a limited time.

Actually, I don’t have a review written because I read this book several months ago.  But I did want to let you know about this freebie because this book should not be missed.  The book is lighthearted, clean romance.


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