An Encore for Estelle by Kimberly Rose Johnson – Review

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An Encore for Estelle (Melodies of Love Book 2)

by Kimberly Rose Johnson

Series: Melodies of Love #2
Published by Sweet Rose Press
Publication Date May 29th 2017
An Encore for Estelle by Kimberly Rose Johnson – Review Genres: Romance, Clean Romance
Pages: 222


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The theater ties them together but a painful past could pull them apart.

At a crossroads, former movie star Estelle Rogers, returns to the place that set her life on a new course. Although she expects a rough reception she is pleasantly surprised and quickly settles into her new position at the local children's theater. But her road back to acting isn't as smooth as she would like.

Tragedy brought Blake Price to Oak Knoll, Oregon, but it's love that keeps him there. His late wife and daughter loved acting, and he owes it to them to honor their memory with the children’s theater, but his new assistant is making changes he isn’t ready for both at the theater and in his heart. Can he forgive himself and move forward, or will he forever be tied to the biggest mistake of his life?

This was a cute, clean romance, and is the second book of the series.  I thought it was clever of the author to name the “star” Estelle, which is French for star.

The main theme of the story was being able to forgive yourself, and there was an element of Christian doctrine used to share this, though the story was not preachy.

Many series that I have read similar to this, where each book is about a different couple, are written in such a way that while it adds a little background about secondary characters, reading the other books in the series is not really necessary for understanding the book.  I did not feel this was the case with An Encore for Estelle.  There was obviously a history between her and others in the town, and while there was a hint at the details, they were not fleshed out and left me wondering about details of the story.  If you plan on reading this book, you will probably want to read the first book of the series first.

While the pace of the story was good and the plot was interesting, the conflicts that kept occurring all seemed to be resolved much too easily.  It bothered me that Blake hated Estelle at the beginning based on three things, a meeting between her and his wife, her relationship with Derek, Blake’s best friend, (which had gotten healed to the point that Estelle, Derek and his wife were good friends), and on what the paparazzi had written about her.  Blake was basically a great guy, and for him to have such prejudice based on these things didn’t seem to fit his character.


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