Horses, Hayrides and Husbands by Janette Lewis – Review

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Horses, Hayrides and Husbands: Country Brides & Cowboy Boots

by Jeanette Lewis

Series: Country Brides & Cowboy Boots #1
Publication Date September 11th 2017
Horses, Hayrides and Husbands by Janette Lewis – Review Genres: Clean Romance
Pages: 110


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Misty Epperson has her hands full with a toddler and a full-time job helping her billionaire brother, Ty, run The Epperson Foundation, a charitable organization he founded with his lottery jackpot. But all the chubby baby cheeks and conference calls in the world can’t drive away the emptiness hovering over her heart. She yearns for love, but Misty is wary. The last time she gave her heart away, it was returned to her battered and broken.

When Misty meets Clydesdale wrangler, Travis Harper, she’s drawn to his quiet strength and easy smile. But Travis quickly makes his hatred of rich people known and Misty’s brother is one of the richest men in the state. When Ty interferes with the Clydesdale’s grazing pasture in the name of environmental protection, will Travis consider it guilt by association or can Misty break this sexy cowboy with the giant chip on his shoulder?

I am grateful to Author for giving me a copy of this book. The fact I received this book for free does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Misty, the heroine of Horses, Hayrides and Husbands, is the sister of Ty, who was introduced in The Lucky Billionaire.  Misty also appeared in that story, and it is there that we are introduced to her circumstances in being a single mom and the drama that occurred with the baby’s father.  Interestingly enough, though some of those details are recounted here, the whole drama was not even mentioned, with the exception of a small hint of Misty being nervous about her sister walking back to her house alone.

That said, this story really is a stand-alone story, but reading of it would certainly be enhanced by first reading Ty’s story.  (When I finished that book, my first thought was that I really wanted to hear what happens next for Misty, so I was very excited to hear that this was the next story Jeanette Lewis was writing!)

Both Misty and Travis had been burned by “love”, and both felt a great attraction from the moment they met.  I enjoyed the way that Misty doted on her sweet baby, and felt that Travis and his care for Misty and Wyatt, and even jumped right in to spend time with Wyatt was sweet.

There were several events in the story that had me assuming things would go a different direction than they did.  I was not disappointed, just thought View Spoiler »

Overall, I would say that the story was cozy and sweet.  It is a good book to curl up with on a rainy evening.

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