A Winter’s Hope by Kristen M. Fraser – Review

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A Winter's Hope

by Kristen M. Fraser

Publication Date November 9, 2017
A Winter’s Hope by Kristen M. Fraser – Review Genres: Clean Romance, Christian Fiction, Christmas
Setting: Canada Contemporary
Main Character Ages: 25-35
Written for: Adult
Pages: 135


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Can hearts be restored and hope renewed?

After enduring a tumultuous two year relationship, Olivia Millford travels overseas in an attempt to start afresh and put the hurt from her relationship breakdown behind her. With the scathing words from her boyfriend Nick, ingrained into her thoughts, Olivia discovers just how much she has moved away from God's truth by allowing Nick's lies to define her.

Clint Hamilton is a doctor contracted to Brookvale Regional Hospital. Burnt out from work and a soured relationship, the hospital has been his home for the past twelve months as he made a tree change from the bustling metropolis of Vancouver. Building walls to protect his heart, Clint vowed to focus on his career as he made a new start in the small town.

Brought together in the small community of Brookvale, Clint and Olivia must deal with the past they both long to leave behind in order to find a future filled with hope. Will Clint's defenses fall in order to move forward? Will Olivia allow God to work in her heart, or will she allow the lies and negativity from her past continue to shape her?

With loveable characters and a gorgeous winter setting, A Winter's Hope is a sweet, heartwarming romance you will want to curl up with.

I am grateful to Kristen M. Fraser for giving me a copy of this book. The fact I received this book for free does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

A Winter’s Hope is a lovely romance story.  Though the majority of the story takes place in a small town in Canada, the main character, Olivia, was from Australia.  I presume the author is also Australian as the spelling and word choices appeared to be more Australian English.  It took me a moment when at the beginning of the story Olivia exclaimed to herself “The hide!”, referring to a man at the coffee shop, to realize that it most likely is a common Australian expression.  Personally, I love reading stories by authors from other countries for exactly this reason.

The descriptions were enjoyable.  As the story began, I was transported to a remote, frozen small town on the other side of the world from everything I’ve known, traveling at night through wintry conditions, bouncing around in a small car driven poorly by my new boss’s wife.

The story was about healing from emotionally abusive relationships, and finding healing in God.  The author did a fairly good job of making these lessons appear natural, though it was done mostly by learning from sermons in a church service.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The story was worth the time it took to read it.  I’m grateful to the author for this opportunity and hope you will give her book a chance as well.



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