A Reason to Run by Christina Coryell – Free

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A Reason to Run

by Christina Coryell

Series: Camdyn #1
Published by Coryell Publishing
Publication Date August 12 2014
A Reason to Run by Christina Coryell – Free Genres: Christian Fiction, Clean Romance
Written for: Adult
Pages: 330


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People are talking about C.W. Oliver, the mysterious author with a book sitting atop the bestseller list. They are also talking about Camdyn Taylor, the pretty blonde from an embarrassing proposal rejection video that has recently gone viral. What would happen if people knew that those two individuals were one and the same?

Camdyn Taylor doesn't like chaos, but it always seems to find her. When it inevitably appears, she does what comes naturally: She runs. That is one of the reasons she finds herself drawn to her ancestor, Willa Lawrence. A young widow with a new baby in the early 1800's, her future and inheritance looked steady. Then, unexpectedly, she ran. With only the most basic necessities, she set off on a journey with her child toward an uncertain future.

Camdyn is determined to keep her pen name a secret, and she's almost as determined to discover the reason for Willa's impulsive departure. When she finds herself suddenly thrust into the spotlight after a suitor's ill-advised proposal, she resorts to following Willa's footsteps to Tennessee in order to finish her latest book.

Finding herself lost and in need of a little hope, she crosses paths with Cole Parker at just the right moment. She quickly becomes aware that things might never be the same, and while she's focused on unearthing Willa's reason to run...she just might discover her own.

“I am so glad I found this book! It was a wonderfully written romance that was clean and sweet. I am looking forward to reading more books by this author.”

This is the comment I made when I read the book in 2015.

This book is free right now.

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