Marrying Miss Kringle: Lux by Lucy McConnell

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Marrying Miss Kringle: Lux

by Lucy McConnell

Series: Sweet Santa Romance #2
Published by Orchard View Publishing LLC
Publication Date October 30, 2017
Marrying Miss Kringle: Lux by Lucy McConnell Genres: Christmas, Clean Romance
Setting: North Pole Contemporary
Main Character Ages: 25-35
Written for: Adult
Pages: 247


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Christmas Magic is changing and the Kringle Family scrambles to keep up in this fun and romantic, sweet Christmas romance from Author Lucy McConnell.

A wedding should have solved the North Pole’s energy crisis; however, Lux Kringle soon realizes that it’s going to take more than one wedding to feed Christmas Magic. All the Kringle sisters must find true love or the magic will die forever.

But, there’s a snag. If they get married too quickly, they’ll flood the system with too much magic and fry the electrical system which powers everything from the toy making machines to the candy ovens. What the Kringle’s need, is a substation and they need it before Christmas Eve.

A normal substation takes two years to build and Lux has 365 days. The one man on the planet with the know-how, the education, and the time to help her finish the substation in time, is also the one man who sends sparks through Lux’s heart and surges through the power system.

If Lux kisses Matthew Quik—again!—she could blow up Santa’s workshop before she has a chance to save it.

Lux is the second oldest daughter of Santa Claus.  She is brainiac of the family and is tasked with fixing the substation that converts Christmas magic into power for the palace at the North Pole.

Lux is a fun character because she is so smart and doesn’t feel like she has anything to offer other than her brain.  Matthew Quik is a handsome ex-military genius who has the knowledge to do what Lux needs to.  The problem is, she can’t just bring him to the North Pole to help her because of the way the Christmas magic works.

I enjoyed the book and felt like the author did a great job in creating tension between the characters and believably having them oblivious to the feelings of the other.  The story was light-hearted, yet had a little bit of suspense as we tried to figure out why Matthew was hiding off the grid and from whom, and the situations he kept getting himself into requiring Lux to rescue him.

Though this is the second book in this Christmas series about the daughters of  Santa Claus and is probably best enjoyed by reading the entire series, it can stand alone.

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