A Mountain Christmas Romance by Misty Beller – Sale

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A Mountain Christmas Romance (Wyoming Mountain Tales Book 4)

by Misty M. Beller

Series: Wyoming Mountain Tales #4
Published by Misty M. Beller Books, Inc.
Publication Date October 12, 2017
A Mountain Christmas Romance by Misty Beller – Sale Genres: Western, Christmas, Christian Fiction, Clean Romance, Historical Fiction
Setting: Wyoming Reconstruction Era – US – 1865 – 1877
Written for: Adult
Pages: 287


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Stripped of the family so important to his Viking heritage, Matthias Bjork is now on the hunt for his sister. Despite combing the entire Wyoming Territory, he hasn’t found any substantial leads regarding his sister’s whereabouts, but he has discovered a most unusual woman. This woodland nymph who’s come to work for his good friend in the quiet town of Mountain Bluff is like no one he’s ever met.

Opal Boyd has finally found the haven she’s longed for all her life, in a most unlikely place—working for a German couple in this remote Wyoming mountain town. She learned long ago that most men couldn’t be trusted, but when a mountain man stops in the boarding house where she works, he seems to have the respect and affection of the two people she’s learned to trust implicitly. And the more she comes to know Matthias, she struggles not to trust him the same way the others do.

When he shares the magical experience of his family’s traditional Viking Yule celebration, she can’t help but fall a little more in love with him each one of the twelve days of Christmas. But when Matthias’ search for his sister takes an unexpected twist, Opal is forced to make a choice that will alter the course of her life—no matter which answer she chooses. When Matthias’ decisions land Opal in danger, what must he sacrifice to rescue her?

Though I haven’t yet read this book, I can highly recommend anything that Misty M. Beller has written.  Her books are touching, adventurous, and insightful.  I am not sure how long this book will be on sale, but it is a great deal at only $.99 instead of the $3.99 it normally sells for.

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