A Promise for Tomorrow by Michele Paige Holmes

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A Promise for Tomorrow

by Michele Paige Holmes

Series: A Hearthfire Scottish Romance #2
Published by Mirror Press
Publication Date November 30, 2017
A Promise for Tomorrow by Michele Paige Holmes Genres: Action/Adventure, Historical Fiction, Clean Romance
Setting: Scotland Georgian Era – UK – 1714 – 1837
Main Character Ages: 18-24, 25-35
Written for: Adult
Pages: 400


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From Michele Paige Holmes, Amazon’s bestselling historical romance author and Whitney Award Winner, comes the Hearthfire Historical Romance, A PROMISE FOR TOMORROW, sequel to Yesterday's Promise.

Scottish Highlands, 1700s:

Barely two weeks have passed since Laird Collin MacDonald first darkened Katherine Mercer’s doorstep and married her. Marriage has hardly been what she expected, given their grueling and adventurous days of travel to the Scottish Highlands. Along with the discovery that Collin’s twin Ian would like to see her dead, Katie must now face her own clan, whose chief wants to kill Collin and take her to wife himself. All because Katie possesses the Campbell gift of sight, passed down through centuries of her ancestors.

With little more than faith in her grandfather’s vision and her unique bond with Collin to guide her, Katie steps bravely into an unknown future, where the glimpses afforded her may bring more danger than direction. When the misuse of her gift takes Collin from her side, she is left alone and vulnerable. Help arrives in the most unexpected form as Ian MacDonald makes good on his threat to attack the Campbells and Katie learns that the bond between brothers and love knows no bounds.


I am grateful to Heather B. Moore for giving me a copy of this book. The fact I received this book for free does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book was a great follow-up to the first, and is full of suspense and intrigue.  There were some hints to the mysteries, but the secrets were not revealed until the end.  (I do need to point out that I did figure out the location of the dowry right away, and also figured out the other secret – but I won’t tell you what that is so I don’t give anything away!)

The struggles that Katie went through were a little violent, but not so much so that I wanted to stop reading (and I’m a wimp, so really, they weren’t that bad.)  My heart broke for her when she lost Collin and was brought face-to-face with his evil brother Ian, and even left to his mercy.

The characters were rich and fully developed, and the author brought me on an enjoyable and sometimes suspenseful journey through the Scottish Highlands in an old keep.  I felt immersed in 18th century Scotland and experienced everyday life then, such a making soap, carding wool, and blood feuds.  The book was well worth reading and I am looking forward to the final book in this series.

A Promise for Tomorrow picks up right where Yesterday’s Promise left off.  The author has indicated that this series will have a total of three books.  While each book has a clean ending that could be considered to not be a cliff-hanger, the books clearly build on one another and each one hints that there is more to come.

While some books that are a part of a series like this spend half the books telling you what you already read in the preceding books, A Promise for Tomorrow does not do that at all.  In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that I had just read the first book a few months ago, I would have been completely lost reading it.


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