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I’ve always had a fascination with the pioneers and the late 1800s. Perhaps it was from growing up in California and the camping trips we took all over the Southwest. The Indians (as we called them when I was younger) fascinated me as well. Western fiction, both in books and movies, is a genre I enjoy.

When one of my favorite authors for this time and setting, Kristin Holt, gave me the opportunity to read a pre-release copy of this collection, I was delighted. I especially appreciate the copious amounts of research that goes into each word she writes and the way she has of infusing history into her stories in such a way that transports the readers into her stories.

Calico Ball
by Carla Kelly, Sarah M. Eden, Kristin Holt, Mirror Press

Series: Timeless Western Collection #1
Published by Mirror Press
Publication Date July 10, 2018
Calico Ball Collection – Book Review, Preview Genres: Historical Fiction, Western, Clean Romance
Setting: Wyoming Gilded Age – US – 1875 – 1900
Written for: Adults
Pages: 283


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From the publisher of the USA TODAY bestselling & #1 Amazon bestselling Timeless Romance Anthology series in Clean & Wholesome Romance, comes CALICO BALL.

Three brand new Historical Western Romance novellas by Carla Kelly, Sarah M. Eden, and Kristin Holt.



I would like to thank Kristin Holt for giving me this copy of the book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

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The Keeper of the Western Door by Cala Kelly – 4 1/2 stars

Tags: Seneca, Prejudice, Military, Indian

The Keeper of the Western Door was a tender story. Mary was such an interesting character. She was part Seneca Indian and part Caucasian. She endured much prejudice from the officers’ wives at the fort where she worked for a woman she had thought to be a friend. Her journey of self-awareness was well written. Mary tells a Seneca story of a spider and a badger that is woven neatly throughout as she personally learns the lessons from the tale.

Rowan is so tenderhearted and yet such a great leader. I loved the way he was always looking out for those in his care and offered his protection especially to Mary.

A Convenient Arrangement by Sarah Eden – 5 stars

Tags: Mail Order Bride, Orphan

At first, I was thinking that Mirabelle is a lot like me. She had a very positive, cheerful outlook and tried really hard to ignore the less pleasant aspects of life, of which she had experienced many. She was also great at winning the hearts of those around her, especially those who were not inclined to be won. But she was also assertive in a way I have never been, willing to haggle over prices with the tightfisted shopkeeper, and I can’t do that.

Quinn was another one of those adorably clueless men, strong and silent. He thought that he could get a mail-order wife so that he didn’t have to worry about another man snatching up his perfectly capable maid. He wasn’t looking for a relationship and especially wasn’t looking for love.

This was a funny, sweet, tender story. I was drawn to the characters and enjoyed reading it.

Isabella’s Calico Groom by Kristin Holt – 5 stars

Tags: Dentist, Woman’s Suffrage, Statehood

I have to confess that the first time I read “painless dentistry” in the story, I immediately thought of “Painless Potter” a Bob Hope character in The Paleface, but I blame that on the fact that my husband and I both love goofy old movies and not on anything that author Kristin Holt wrote in the story!


This was a fascinating story that pulled me into the Wyoming town of Evanston in 1890. Statehood, women’s rights and the needs of the poor were all prominent issues at that time and each played a role in this story. As with the two previous novellas set in Evanston by Krisitn Holt at this time, the female character is one who has chosen a profession, which is shocking enough, but that the profession chosen is one that has predominantly been a man’s domain is almost scandalous!

I loved the characters and the deep heartfelt struggles Henry and Isabella dealt with. And loved the details that added so much richness and imparted so much information about the way that things were done almost a century and a half ago. A great deal of research goes into every book this author writes, and she freely shares it on her blog and her Pinterest board. If you have an interest in learning more, be sure to visit both.


Preview of Calico Ball

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About Sarah M. Eden

Sarah M. Eden is a USA Today Bestselling author of witty and charming historical romances, including Foreword Review’s 2013 “IndieFab Book of the Year” gold medal winner for Best Romance, Longing for Home, as well as 2014 Whitney Award winner for “Best Novel of the Year,” Longing for Home: Hope Springs. Combining her obsession with history and affinity for tender love stories, Sarah loves crafting witty characters and heartfelt romances set against rich historical backdrops. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in research and happily spends hours perusing the reference shelves of her local library. Sarah lives with her husband, kids, and mischievous dog in the shadow of a snow-capped mountain she has never attempted to ski. 

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