A Great Light by Jennifer Ball – Preview, Excerpt

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A Great Light by Jennifer Ball - Preview, Excerpt

Once they calmed themselves from that reality, she asked, “So, has Merrhius ever expanded?”

“We’ve talked about it. But it’s never been done since I was born. The talks are getting more serious, now.”

“Will you expand into empty land?”

“No. Into another kingdom.”

Faith looked perplexed, and then asked, “Which one?”

“Rhaevaehyn. Do you know of it?”

“Vaguely. They have a monarchy.”

“Yes. We have a monarchy.” He couldn’t tell by her tone when she said ‘monarchy’ how she felt about royal dynasties. He wasn’t sure if he should follow his statement by telling her he was a prince in his kingdom. He didn’t want to appear as if he was boasting. Besides, he was still a little shocked they had never even discussed where he was from until now.

“I know.” Faith’s lack of interest let him know that this actually was not the right time to let her know his inheritance. She continued, “Since they have a monarchy, then would each city have their own ruler?”

“No. There would be one ruler and the other one would be a governor —
someone under the ruler who keeps watch over that city.”

“I know what a governor does. So, which ruler would stand down?Yours?” she asked condescendingly. She knew the answer.

Karhiad shook his head.

“Why would a ruler willingly step down? What is in it for him and his city?” Faith kept the questions coming.

“I’m gathering by your questions you don’t agree with kingdom expansion.”

“I don’t agree with anything that is taken by force.” After a long pause and their intense stare with one another, she asked, “Why does your ruler want Rhaevaehyn anyway?”

A Great Light by Jennifer Ball – Preview, Excerpt

A Great Light

by Jennifer Ball

Publication Date June 28, 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Christian Fiction, Young Adult
Written for: High-School/Young Adult
Pages: 298


War isn’t coming. It’s already here. Prepare for the final battle.

In a kingdom ruled by a powerful monarchy focused on dominion, an opposition develops from the king’s own son, Prince Karhiad. While the ruthless King Vilsig envisions conquest of all kingdoms, his son’s own heart has a different direction. Prince Karhiad is more focused on the humanity of the citizens than he is his father’s instructions on how to one day lead the Kingdom of Merrhius with power. 

All the while, the threat of wickedness from a dark sinister force from the past erupts and bleeds over into the present and future times. This ancient sinister beast is orchestrating the moral decay, corruption and down fall of every kingdom. It commands an army of supernatural menacing soldiers bent on serving this evil until each living being is destroyed or absorbed in their own vile image.

On the night of Prince Karhiad’s 17th birthday, he is mesmerized by a radiant light and makes a decision to learn of its origin. That choice will bring him answers to questions he didn't know he had, and will separate him further from being in allegiance with his father. The future king of Merrhius will learn things about the past and future that will force him head on in battling the most evil entity of all time. 

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About Jennifer Ball

I am a friend of Jesus who at times fails at making this is my most important
relationship. I am a wife who forgets at times this is my primary job. I am a mom who at times didn’t get it right. I take lots of pictures that annoy everyone in my family except for my dog. She loves it.

I began writing short stories when I was a child. I would sit in my room for hours
writing as fast as I could to keep up with my thoughts. We didn’t have a typewriter and certainly no computer. Too often my writing would turn to scribble. I ended up with lots of loose paper with many short stories written on them in half scribble that made it too difficult for others to read. Thanks to technology, I went back to my childhood passion and wrote a story that I turned into a readable book.

That’s me, to make a long story short.


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