A Kite on the Wind by Patricia Lee – Book Review, Preview

Posted October 1, 2018 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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As the shore faded away in the distance, I remembered a very important detail. I get seasick. Having not been on many boats in my life, it is easy to see why I would forget this important detail.

The interesting thing about this is that if I can see land, I am fine. Trips to Catalina when I was young were fine because by the time the land disappeared behind us, I could move to the front of the boat and catch a glimpse of the land we were approaching. I’ve learned that seasickness has something to do with a lack of a steady horizon. And not traveling on an empty stomach.

Back to my story, and please, don’t interrupt this time. Unfortunately, we were on our way for a several hour whale watching trip, and there was no turning back. My high hopes for taking National Geographic award-winning photos were fizzling out. Okay, I really didn’t expect that caliber of pictures, but I was looking forward to getting some very good ones.

We ended up seeing several humpback whales, and they were so amazing. And I did get some some pictures, but not anywhere as good as I had hoped.

I learned afterward, when I posted my pictures on a popular photo-sharing website, that scientists can identify the whales by their tail and they like to track their movement in this way. Isn’t that more than a little amazing?

A Kite on the Wind by Patricia Lee – Book Review, Preview

A Kite On the Wind

by Patricia Lee

Series: Mended Hearts #3
Published by Mountain Brook Ink
Publication Date October 1, 2018
Genres: Christian Fiction, Clean Romance
Setting: Oregon Contemporary
Main Character Ages: 25-34
Written for: Adults
Pages: 303


Is Love Strong Enough to Overcome the Walls They Hide Behind?

Left waiting at the altar, Claire Simpson has buried her past and moved on, carving out a life for herself as a teacher on the Oregon coast. When her former fiancé appears, he threatens to unravel the peaceful independence she has worked so hard to achieve after their relationship failed.

Montgomery Chandler has moved to NOAA headquarters in Newport, Oregon to make new, happier memories for his children after his wife died of a lingering illness. Their home in Seattle held nothing but the whispers of their earlier lives. Starting over will help all of them heal, but Monty is resolved not to risk love again.

When the handsome widower enrolls his hurting children at the school where Claire teaches, her determination to remain uninvolved vanishes at the whim of a snowstorm. This family needs her expertise. Can she help them without losing her heart?

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

Also in this series: An Anchor on Her Heart, Love's Autumn Harvest

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Monty had an amazing job studying marine mammals, focused specifically on grey whales. When his wife died, he moved to Newport, Oregon to be closer to his sister so she could care for his twins when he went on his six-week long voyages. This grieving scientist had a deep love for his children but didn’t know how to help them overcome their grief – or how to recover from his own.

Claire was a wonder with children. As a learning specialist, she was able to help troubled children and those with special needs. You might remember her from An Anchor on Her Heart. She had been terribly wronged by her ex-fiancé and carried a burden of hurt and unforgiveness.

I loved the children in the story. Monty’s twins were eight and Mason was so protective of his sister Mia. Watching them blossom under Claire’s love and care was very precious and touching.

There was quite a bit of detail in the story about NOAA and the oceanographic research that they do. It was presented partly in conversations between Monty and his cohorts, which can work out as an effective means of communicating this type of information but it felt a little awkward here. I did enjoy reading about the rescue of the humpback whale.

Having lived in the Willamette Valley and having visited Newport on more than one occasion, reading A Kite on the Wind had the added benefit of allowing me to reminisce on the time we dwelt in that beautiful area!


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  • A rocket ship. This Delta kite graphic design is squarely aimed at young kids, it would seem! Just the thing to hang on the bedroom wall when the weather doesn't suit flying kites. T.P. (my-best-kite.com) Cropped from a photo by HikrChick on Flickr.
  • Red Balinese Dragon Kite
  • "Prepare to spend your day wallowing in Will Sanders’ uber-prolific archive of photographs that seem to encapsulate every face and every place he could possibly get his hands on. His portraits are things of fantasy and familiarity, celebrities and ordinaries, all equally wonderful and deserving of a long, lingering look. What ties this jumblebag of imagery together is a tirelessly brilliant use of colour and an uncanny aptitude for capturing that Holy Grail of haphazard spontaneity.."
  • Edo Kite
  • We enjoy watching people fly kites downtown at "The Open Space," park.  There are not this many, but the 4 or 5 are beautiful against the sky.    Typical March/April activity...sigh!

About Patricia Lee

Patricia Lee has had a fascination with words and what they can do since she wrote her first short paragraph at the age of six. She doesn’t remember the content, but her teacher became excited at what she’d done. “Obviously,” Pat says, “words made people happy.”

She worked as a stringer for a local newspaper during her middle and high school years representing the school’s news to the community. She received her B.A. in Journalism from the University of Oregon, then went on to work as a tabloid newspaper editor at her local church.

After she married, she began her freelancing career and sold to various publications, including Expecting, Moody Monthly, and Power for Living. More recently she has published in two anthologies, Cup of Comfort Bible Promises and Heavenly Company, as well as featured articles in Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse magazine. An Anchor On Her Heart, her debut novel, released in July, 2017. Love Calls Her Home, the second in the Mended Hearts series, released March 1, 2018. The third novel A Kite on the Wind will release in October 2018.

She lives with her husband and a handful of furry friends in the Pacific Northwest. They have two grown children.

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