A Place to Call Home by Merrillee Whren – Book Review, Preview

Posted July 9, 2018 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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I was so ashamed! I knew what the right thing to do was but oh, how I wanted to just pretend nothing had changed.

It was fourth grade, sometime in the middle of the year. I had searched my desk and my pencil was missing. Gone. Vanished. And yet, was it? One of the other girls had a pencil that looked EXACTLY like mine. There was, of course, only one explanation. She had stolen it from me. So I told the teacher. Kari insisted that the pencil she was using was hers. I insisted it wasn’t. The teacher believed me.

At lunchtime, the girls of our class all took sides. I was sitting at one of the girls’ tables and Kari at the other. We probably glared at each other as well. I was very proud of the fact that almost all the girls were sitting at my table. But I was fuming. How dare she take my pencil and then lie about it. Arrrgh!

After lunch, we had to clean our desks. As I began to straighten and organize and rearrange the items in my desk, there it was. My pencil. Not the one I had insisted was mine. Mine mine. I thought I would die. I had falsely accused Kari of stealing my pencil and made most of the girls hate her. And made the teacher think she was a thief. I felt so terrible.

I am happy to report that I did the right thing, as painful as it was. I apologized to the teacher and apologized to Kari, who may or may not have held a grudge for years about that.

A Place to Call Home by Merrillee Whren – Book Review, Preview

A Place to Call Home

by Merrillee Whren

Series: Front Porch Promises #1
Series Rating:
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date June 15, 2013
Genres: Christian Fiction, Mystery, Clean Romance
Setting: Massachuttes Contemporary
Main Character Ages: 25-34
Written for: Adults
Pages: 304


STARTING OVER After serving six years in prison for the false charge of manslaughter in the death of his wife, Kurt Jansen must overcome a world of bitterness if he wants to start a new life. But his first priority is securing a restoration job to pay a private investigator to find the real killer and a lawyer to get his kids back. Hiring a convicted wife-killer isn't what kind-hearted Molly Finnerty bargains for as part of the prison ministry she supports. However, she begins to believe Kurt's claim of innocence and gradually finds a great deal to like about him-perhaps more to like than she should. Can they overcome the past and find forgiveness and love?

Also in this series: A Love to Call Mine, A Match to Call Ours

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Kurt had been falsely accused of murdering his wife. He was convicted and sentenced for it. I really appreciated that despite the fact he had given his life to Christ while in jail, he still struggled with anger and unforgiveness. Wait! Not the way it sounds. I’m glad the author didn’t just make him perfectly able to forgive and not fight anger. He was real His struggles were real.

Molly had some struggles of her own. Although she was also a Christian and even involved in ministry to ex-convicts, she was afraid to trust Kurt and to work with him. I did find it humorous that she “tested” him by giving him money to go to the store for her. He was a convicted murderer, not a thief. What exactly would that have proven?  🙂 

I enjoyed reading about the struggles and growth of both Kurt and Molly. The way they learned to trust God, to seek His help and direction. The way they learned to trust each other. And, ultimately, to forgive.

While the subject matter and tone of the book is serious, it was hopeful and not sad. Though the book is partly about a murder investigation, it is not gruesome, nor is that the primary theme of the book.

Preview of A Place to Call Home

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Each book stands alone but has characters or setting that connects them.

About Merrillee Whren

Merrillee Whren is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author who writes
inspirational romance. She is the winner of the 2003 Golden Heart Award for best
inspirational romance manuscript presented by Romance Writers of America. She has also been the recipient of the RT Reviewers’ Choice Award and the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award. She is married to her own personal hero, her husband of forty-plus years, and has two grown daughters. She has lived in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Chicago and Florida but now makes her home in the Arizona desert. She spends her free time playing tennis or walking while she does the plotting for her novels.

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