Bubbly Schnitzel by Meg Gonzalez – Review

Posted January 5, 2018 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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Bubbly Schnitzel by Meg Gonzalez – Review

Bubbly Schnitzel

by Meg D. Gonzalez

Series: International Adventures #2
Series Rating:
Published by Clean Reads
Publication Date November 14, 2017
Genres: Christian Fiction, Young Adult
Setting: Germany Contemporary
Main Character Ages: 15-18
Written for: High-School/Young Adult
Pages: 276


Social butterfly and closet bookworm Julia Carter is smart enough to trick her parents into sending her to Germany for the semester, but she would never let those smarts show. It wouldn’t be good for her bubbly reputation. With its antique houses and castle atop the hill, Marburg looks like it stepped straight out of a Grimm brothers’ fairytale. Yet life in this little German town is no fairytale at all—starting with the girls at school. When Julia’s offered an internship she can’t pass up, she begins the treacherous game of balancing her fledgling social life with work that risks a secret she’s kept for nine years—and her new boss’s son is out to trip her with it.

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I was so excited when I saw that Meg Gonzalez had a new book out!  I read her first novel, Sketchy Tacos last February and just loved it.  Bubbly Schnitzel is the second book in the series and is about Julia, Mila’s best friend.

Julia has felt alone for her entire life.  She is so low on her parent’s priority list, she takes drastic measures and gets shipped to Germany so she can stay with her aunt for a few months.  Things, however, don’t work out quite like she expected.

Julia really needs God in her life, but when Mila has shared with her about Him, the fact that her  own parents don’t care about her has her thinking that:

… my own father won’t look up from his cell phone long enough to listen to me. Why would her all-powerful God the Father be any different?

The story is very touching and deals with hard subjects like peer pressure, abandonment, bullies, fears and relationships in a sensitive and interesting way.  My heart went out to her as her mom’s standards caused her to make terrible choices, and yet I could relate and understood exactly what motivated her.

I loved the various characters in the book.  Each was written so well that I felt like I knew them. The descriptions of the town made me feel like I was there with her.

The ending of the book doesn’t neatly wrap things up.  There is no magic wand that is waved causing all the problems to go away.  But the ending is realistic and it is satisfying.

Though this is the second book of the series, it stands by itself with no problem.

Here is the first line of the book:

“Julia, this is a horrible idea.”

Join the fun with us! Take the book you are currently reading, open to chapter one, and post the first sentence (or two or three) in the comments below. Then head on over to Hoarding Books to see all of the First Line Friday pages this week.

Drugs are mentioned in the book, and one character has an overdose.  There is no description of the use, however, and the point of the inclusion of them in the story makes it necessary and there is no glorification of them.

Also in the story is a boy who has hands that try to go where they shouldn’t, but again, it was a necessary part of the story and was written in such a way as to still be clean.

Preview of Bubbly Schnitzel

About Meg D. Gonzalez

Meg D. Gonzalez is a tea-sipping, adventure-seeking, pug-loving kind of girl. She’s crazy for God and wants to share His love with awesome women around the globe. She started her first novel at the age of fourteen (it will never see the light of day and that’s best for everyone), but her writing really came alive after she moved to Mexico. The crazy, wonderful people and culture she encountered inspired the story of “Sketchy Tacos” Meg loves make herself ridiculous to get a double-dimple smile from her four-month-old daughter, take long walks while chatting with her hubby, or curl up on the couch with her pug to read a good book or work on her next novel.

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21 responses to “Bubbly Schnitzel by Meg Gonzalez – Review

  1. This looks like something that’d be up my alley! I’ve lived in Germany for the first four years of my life so I love anything to do with the country. That title also makes me chuckle. Thanks for sharing!

    I’m sharing about Until We Find Home by Cathy Gohlke on the blog today, but since it’s the closest book to me since it’s what I’m currently reading, I’ll share it here as well.

    May 1940

    Lightning crackled, splitting the night sky over Paris, illuminating letters painted on the bookstore window across the street: La Maison de Amis Livres. Driving rain pounded the loose shutters of Shakespeare and Company, making them rattle so that Claire Stewart dropped the heavy blackout curtain into place.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Caryl Kane

    Adam Bryan pushed into the Magnolia Cafe and turned to wait for his younger sister Daisy. – Second Change Rose by Liz Talley (Christmas Roses by multiple authors)

    Happy Friday!

  3. Cute cover! I enjoy YA reads.

    I’m featuring Valerie Fraser Luesse’s “Missing Isaac” over at my blog, but the first line of the book that is currently sitting in front of is:

    “It was no surprise to me that I’d lost track of time.” (from A Song of Home by Susie Finkbeiner)

  4. Becky Smith

    Happy Friday!

    My first line(s) is from the Prologue in Susan May Warren’s new book Troubled Waters, which I finished last night:

    “Oh, this was a bad idea. Epically, abysmally, horrendously bad.”

  5. This book sounds excellent! I will check it out.

    Today, I’m hosting Oath of Honor on my site. I just started it, so I’m only at chapter 3. So, here I will share the first couple of lines from that chapter.

    “‘Kevin!’ But with the doors shut and the windows up, he wouldn’t hear her whispered shout. She should have lied and said the place was covered in cameras.”

  6. That sounds like a neat book!

    I’ll grab a book nearest me to share a first line (it’s one I’m hoping to read this year). From “The Outlaw Takes a Bride” by Susan Page Davis:
    Johnny Paynter slung his saddle over his chestnut gelding’s back.

  7. Great title! I’m featuring Oath of Honor over on my blog, but I’ll share Life on The Porcelain Edge by C.E. Hilbert here — Tessa Tarrington’s life was in the toilet.

  8. Love Meg’s covers so much!!!

    Death had a way of creeping up on a soul, and Ivy Thorpe was determined that when it visited her, she would not be surprised.
    The House on Foster Hill by Jaime Jo Wright

  9. Arlene Werner

    The knock propelled her out of sleep and set the dogs barking.
    Say Goodbye for Now by Catherine Ryan Hyde