Dream of Her Heart by Shanna Hatfield – Book Review, Preview, Giveaway

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Dream of Her Heart by Shanna Hatfield - Book Review, Preview, Giveaway

My hubby and I enjoy collecting seashells when we walk along the shore. We have a number of different ones that we have collected over the years. The funny thing is, we don’t even necessarily care if they are “perfect”. The colors and textures of a broken spiral shell can be so lovely!

Dream of Her Heart by Shanna Hatfield – Book Review, Preview, Giveaway

Dream of Her Heart

by Shanna Hatfield

Series: Hearts of the War #3
Series Rating:
Publication Date September 27, 2018
Genres: Historical Fiction, Action/Adventure, Clean Romance
Setting: Oregon World War II Era - 1939 - 1946
Main Character Ages: 25-34
Written for: Adults
Pages: 279


Is there room for love
In a time of war?

Days before he must ship out to prepare for a dangerous mission in the Pacific, Lieutenant Zane West crosses Oregon to see a good friend who has been wounded in action. He arrives at the veteran’s hospital, only to discover the army captain has disappeared without a trace. As Zane searches for answers, he finds himself captivated by a beautiful and spunky nurse who offers her help. Is she the key to his future, or an unwelcome distraction from his important wartime mission?

Nurse Billie Brighton puts her heart and boundless energy into caring for wounded soldiers, but she vowed long ago never to let one of the dashing rogues turn her head. That is, until a handsome lieutenant arrives seeking his missing friend. Thoroughly enchanted, she can’t help but break her own rules. Has she finally found the love she secretly longs for, or is she headed for heartbreak?

Step back in time to 1942 with a sweet, charming World War II romance full of history, heart, and a happily ever after.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

Also in this series: Home of Her Heart, Dream of Her Heart

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If I wasn’t already a fan of Zane, the gift of the beautiful seashell he picked up on the beach simply because it made him think of Billie would have put me over the top. He showed the kind of loyalty and friendship that had him searching for his friend when he went missing from the hospital. He was playful, strong, determined and handsome as well. One fun quirk of his was that he liked reading the encyclopedia.

Zane had developed a strong prejudice against the Japanese because of his experiences on the front and learned an important lesson related to that.

Billie was a doll! She was the kind of girl who always thinks about others first and doesn’t even realize she is unusual for doing this. Everyone around her loves her, yet she feels isolated and alone. I loved the way she helped Jimmy, the young soldier who had lost his legs and his will to live. By a simple act of kindness, she brought him hope and life. And then the way she told off the sergeant. . .

The combination of Zane and Billie was sudden and electric. The dancing in the rain and the final goodbye before he shipped off to Hawaii were heart-melting. I loved his big gestures.

Oh, my favorite character was probably Petey! That adorable five-year-old made an already good story more enjoyable with his adorable expressions and his zeal!

There was so much to enjoy about the story. Learning more about WWII, such as V-mail (it really was a thing and was incorporated into the book so well) was really cool. The conditions the pilots in the Pacific had to work under were pretty amazing, and the inventions they used – wow! I am so thankful for this reminder of the sacrifices that those serving our country have made and continue to make every day.

As with the other books by this author, you don’t have to worry about it being gruesome because it is a war story. The focus is more on the romance, though there is certainly some action and suspense from the war. Characters from this series appear, and Rock from the first book plays a fairly large role. Despite this, you won’t feel lost if you start the series here. (I actually discovered that I haven’t read Garden of Her Heart yet. I have no idea how that happened, but I own the book so I’ll be able to remedy that problem!)



“We thank you for that offer, but we’ll be on our way.” Zane held out his hand. “It was nice to meet you.”

The farmer shook it with enthusiasm. “It was a pleasure to meet you folks, too. You sure make a handsome couple. Been married long?”

“Married?” Billie spluttered. Much to her annoyance, Zane merely chuckled.

“Oh, you know how new brides are,” Zane said, smacking Billie’s cheek with a noisy kiss as he pulled her against his side. She could feel muscles through the fabric of his shirt and wondered what it would be like to truly be held by him, to be thoroughly kissed by him.

The young man laughed and waved as Zane turned Billie around and walked with her to the car.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Billie quietly hissed.

“Having a little fun,” Zane said, opening the door and handing her inside. He shut it then waved to the farmer again as he walked around the car and slid behind the wheel.

“I’ll thank you not to do that again.” She scowled at him as he turned the car around and drove down the lane. In truth she had no idea why she was acting so upset when she really wanted Zane to pull her close and hold her tight. Her gaze fastened on his enticing, entirely too kissable lips.

Unaware she leaned toward him, her entire focus was on his mouth. Intent, she pondered the flavor of his kisses. Would they be dark and rich?Seductive and decadent? Lost in her imaginings of his firm lips pressed to hers, she didn’t hear him speak until he touched her arm.

“Billie?” Zane questioned. He cast a curious look her way as he turned onto the main road. “Everything okay?”

Hot embarrassment seared her cheeks as she realized she’d been about to kiss him.

“Fine. Everything is fine,” she croaked.


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Shanna Hatfield

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