Driven by Sara Davison – Book Review

Posted February 5, 2021 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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Driven by Sara Davison – Book Review


by Sara Davison

Series: The Night Guardians #3
Series Rating:
Published by Mountain Brook Ink
Publication Date February 5, 2021
Genres: Christian Fiction, Suspense, Clean Romance
Setting: Canada, Illinois Contemporary
Main Character Ages: 25-34
Written for: Adults
Pages: 358


Children aren't the only ones who can disappear...

Driven by ongoing grief and relentless dreams, Holden Kelly is determined to track down the child his brother Gage abducted eight years earlier. The rescue that might have saved Matthew Gibson's life had cost Gage his. Proving his brother hadn't sacrificed his life for nothing might be the only way Holden can start fully living his again. And it could be the last chance he has to find his way back to the wife he loves but who is also mired in grief and a crisis of faith.

Mikayla Grant has nightmares of her own. A road trip with private investigator Jax Rodriguez-a man she is strongly drawn to even though his primary goal seems to be to drive her crazy-can't be the way to heal from a terrible loss. Can it?

As Holden, Mikayla, and Jax follow the missing child's trail from Toronto to Chicago, their mission is not as secret as they thought. Someone knows they are coming and will stop at nothing to prevent them from finding the child Gage rescued.

And to make sure that no one ever hears from the three of them again.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

Also in this series: Vigilant, Guarded

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I have been loving the Night Guardians series and was excited to read Driven. If you haven’t read the other books in the series, you will want to hurry and read them now before even reading the synopsis for this one! And if you have read them, you may want to re-read them to refresh your memory about the details of what happened. Or, just to reread them…

It was hard to decide whether to hurry through or to savor the experience of reading this poignant story! I did a little of both.

Sara Davison did such an incredible job of taking a thread and weaving it through the story to allow the lessons learned to be completely natural and fit so wonderfully. She took a very painful circumstance and brought hope and healing in a very sensitive and caring manner.

Holden and Chris’ grief from the premature death of their son had devastated them and caused them to doubt what they thought they knew about God. Chris pretty much shut down and sought to protect her heart by pushing everyone away so she couldn’t be hurt by any further loss. My heart was broken for them in their grief and for the lasting pain and rift it created in their relationship.

When a recurring dream led to Holden hurrying off to Chicago with Jax, the very suave private investigator, and the lovely, independent Mikalya, they had no idea the many ways this trip would change their lives. I loved the way that despite the grief Mikalya had experienced, she clung to what she knew about God and His goodness. As a result, she was able to help Holden and Jax to realize that God is always good – not only when good things happen.

There wasn’t much mystery to the story because we saw the events from the perspectives of our heroes and the eyes of their enemy. This means it had the type of impending peril that drives me crazy, the “don’t go down that alley because they will get you if you do” type! (Only it wasn’t an alley, for what that’s worth.) There was just the right amount of suspense mixed into the action to make it a little scary but not terrifyingly.

While I wouldn’t consider it to be a romance, there were certainly elements of romance. In fact, Holden’s love for his wife, despite the way she had cut him off, helped him to see that God, in His perfect love, wouldn’t discard him for the doubts that he had. Likewise, as Jax and Mikalya finally saw beyond their first impressions of each other, they began to care for one another and hope for something more. Watching them open up and share the hurts and joys from their pasts was a real treat.

All moments between Holden and Chris were my favorites. I was also stunned and hurting for what happened at the border, realizing it is probably not as fictional as I would hope. And my heart melted at what Jax did for Mikalya after her gallery opening. Be prepared to melt, too.

Filled with danger, grief, hope, and faith, Driven is a wonderful story that will entertain and challenge its readers.

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