Once an Heiress by Renee Ryan – Review

Posted September 5, 2017 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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Once an Heiress by Renee Ryan – Review

Once an Heiress

by Renee Ryan

Series: Gilded Promises #3
Series Rating:
Published by Waterfall Press
Publication Date September 26, 2017
Genres: Christian Fiction
Pages: 348


Boston society darling Gigi Wentworth leaves behind everything she holds dear for the sake of love—only to learn that the man with whom she’d planned to elope is nothing but a thieving scoundrel. Abandoned in New York City and saddled with debt, Gigi must sell a prized family heirloom, but even that sacrifice isn't enough to get her home. Her determination drives her to take on work as a lady’s maid, keeping her identity a secret…until she’s discovered by a former friend with a hidden agenda.

Although dealing with his own serious family issue, Christopher “Fitz” Fitzpatrick sets out to return the missing heiress to her rightful place in society. But the more he interacts with this new Gigi, the more shocked he is to find her so changed. Gone is the frivolous beauty in expensive gowns. In her place is a woman he could grow to love. When secrets are revealed, will Gigi and Fitz find the trust they need to confront the past and open their hearts?

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

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What a great book!  I have not previously read any books by this author, but now I am ready to find as many as I can to read them!

While this book is the third in the series, it does stand alone.  In reading the story I could tell that there were books that preceded it, but did not feel that I missed out on the story in not knowing more about the secondary characters from this book.  That said, I do plan on going back and reading the first two books of this series, but mostly because I enjoyed this story so much and am curious to learn more about the others.

The characters were very well developed and the plot moved along very well.  The story gripped me from the very beginning as Gigi attempted to redeem her family heirloom necklace in hopes of atoning for her sins in leaving her family as she did.

The conflict between Fitz and Gigi (or Sally, as she is known to her employers) was very well crafted and quite believable.  The feelings of being beyond redemption that Gigi experienced were also explained in such a way as to be compelling.  I really appreciated the way that not all the problems in the book were perfectly resolved – it was much more realistic and as in real life, sin has consequences despite the fact that we are forgiven.

This is a beautiful story of redemption with the theme of the Prodigal Son.

About Renee Ryan

Renee Ryan Author

Renee Ryan grew up in a Florida beach town where she learned how to surf and skateboard very poorly. As a teenager, she gave up on both pursuits and began entertaining herself during countless hours sitting on the beach by reading all the classics.

After graduating college with a degree in Economics and Religion, she explored various career opportunities at a Florida theme park, and modeling agency. She went on to teach high school while coaching award-winning cheerleading teams.
Renee sold her first book to Dorchester Publishing by winning the inaugural New Historical Voice Contest. She went on to write nineteen books for Harlequin’s Love Inspired imprint, and now writes for Amazon’s Waterfall Press.

A few interesting facts about me:
1. I taught high school Economics, American Government, and Latin (nothing remotely similar to English or creative writing).
2. I had dinner with Oprah
3. I’ve gone skydiving several times
4. I used to run marathons, now I only do Yoga and weights
5. The only C I ever received in college was on an assignment in a creative writing course. I never thought I would become a writer.

Genres I write:
1. Historical Romance
2. Historical Inspirational Romance
3. Short Contemporary Inspirational Romance

Why I write what I write:
Back when I taught high school I quickly learned that my students were resistant to lectures and outlines. However, if I taught the information to them in story form they were not only engaged but also retained the facts for much longer. That’s how I discovered I was a storyteller. I had to learn how to write. It took a while to hone my craft, but now I love taking obscure, complicated facts from historical time periods and bringing them to life in a story. I especially enjoy weaving biblical precepts into my fictional stories. I avoid “preaching” for the same reasons I didn’t “lecture” to my students.

The favorite book or character I’ve written:
I’m asked this question often, and my answer never changes. My favorite book is always the book I just finished. If I can’t say that, then I didn’t work hard enough to make the story unique.

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