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by James J. Stewart

James J. Stewart is another author that I met on Twitter. I have loved seeing his heart for the Lord in his posts. Tomorrow he is going to be sharing his Song of Salvation, so be sure to come back and visit. Today I would like to introduce you to some of his books.

He writes in a number of genres. Here are a few of his books. Be sure to visit his Amazon page to see even more of his works.

Photography – Landscapes

This beautiful book provides pictures of Yosemite National Park by a man who has been photographing this natural treasure for more than fifty years. With each picture is a poem about the Christian faith written by the photographer. Also included is a rare portrait of Christ done in pastels just after World War II.

Half Dome is a famous granite monolith in Yosemite National Park. It marks the east end of Yosemite Valley. This book provides twenty-six pairs of images. Each pair includes both a naturally colored image and a solarized artistic image. The large format of the book provides enjoyment for all who browse through it.

Contemporary Romance

Tom Kuster is an ex-football player married to his high school sweetheart. They live in a small community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. For more than a century, the community has simply been named Towne. Tom’s deputy, Jenelle, is a martial arts teacher and the wife of the Fire Chief. After a heavy rain, Tom’s son discovers a cave on their property. A few days later, Tom’s entire family is wiped out when a train strikes his family’s minivan. His deputy’s husband is killed when, at the scene of the accident, there is a massive explosion. Tom and his Jenelle need to keep busy to take their minds off of their grief. In their spare time, they begin investigating the cave. It turns out to be an undocumented mission of Juanipero Serra from the nineteenth century. It is the beginning of a romantic adventure that neither Tom nor Jenelle could have ever dreamed.

Judy Cunningham is a waitress. She grew up in Towne, a small community in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. In high school she was homecoming queen and got straight A’s, but she wasn’t interested in going to college. She works at Bill’s Bar and Grill, and has been there several years. “Big John” Simmons is tall and muscular, and he’s as big as a football linebacker. He moved to Towne to get away from heartache and to work on his thesis for a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering. When Judy and John meet, they are both caught off guard by each other, and the seeds of romance are planted. Along comes an earthquake and other challenges, and they are thrown together more than either of them had planned. Soul Mates is a sweet Christian romance that unfolds in the life of a typical small town.

Both Carla and Ernie are young adults with a passion for photography. Ernie and his family in Germany have one of the biggest optics businesses in the world. Carla reviews photographic equipment and leads photo tours of Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They meet on the top of one of Yosemite’s famous monoliths, Half Dome. There is instant friendship with a potential for much more. They open a local business together, and their friendship deepens. This is a clean Christian romance mixed with adventure, and there are a few surprises along the way.

Christian Science Fiction

Two teenagers, who are musical prodigies, get married when they graduate from high school. They set out on their first concert tour, and they begin casting lots to determine God’s will. They knew that God had gifted them musically, but then they discovered that they have the gift of prophecy. When they successfully predict a world-wide disaster, they learn that everything has a spiritual dimension.

For many generations, there were men named Andrew Tobias Hickman. That name was applied to the oldest son born in each generation. Father’s taught their oldest sons to be prayer warriors. They were also taught to be humble and do God’s work in the background. Up until the time this story takes place, three of the men carrying this name served God professionally as priests or pastors. Two of them worked in other professions. Four were educated, and the rest were not. Not all the men were known by this given full name. Six of them answered to other monikers. The most recent five of the men invited their wives to share their God-servant role as prayer warriors. As prayer warriors, these people lived lives that were totally surrendered to God and the divine power that flowed through them when they prayed. Living lives as servants of The Most High meant putting this role ahead of everything else in their lives. They lived lives of sacrificial service, but when they suffered losses, God provided. These men named Andrew Tobias Hickman were not the only prayer warriors at work in our world. This book is focused on just one of them.

About James J. Stewart

J-J Stewart was born in Long Beach, California. It was a three-generation household including his parents, his mother’s father, and his brother. When J-J was four, he started performing his older brother’s piano lessons, so lessons were started for him as well. After graduating with honors from high school in a graduating class of 941, he went on to Long Beach City College and Cal-State Long Beach. Eventually he earned a degree in piano and voice, attending classes with Karen and Richard Carpenter of “The Carpenters” fame. J-J then decided to go into full-time Christian service, moving to Fort Worth and Texas Christian University. After getting his professional degree and becoming ordained, J-J accepted a position in California.

Less than two years later J-J returned to T.C.U. to earn his doctorate. Along the way he also picked up a certificate in clinical pastoral counseling. In the 1980’s J-J became intensely interested in evangelism. About that time he began to grow spiritually as he intensely studied the Bible. J-J also trained as a consultant in evangelism and church growth. Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida in August of 1992, and in the spring of 1993 J-J went there to do hurricane relief work, which took me nearly three years. J-J developed a system of Bible study and disciplined himself to adhere to it, rising an hour earlier each morning to do so. In December of 1999 J-J moved to Eugene, Oregon in order to be closer to his brother. At that time J-J began work on his first novel. There are more than a dozen of his books currently available on Amazon.


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