Shadow by Kara Swanson – Book Review

Posted July 13, 2021 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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Shadow by Kara Swanson – Book Review


by Kara Swanson

Series: Heirs of Neverland #2
Series Rating:
Published by Enclave
Publication Date July 13, 2021
Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Young Adult, Clean Romance
Main Character Ages: 18-24
Written for: High-School/Young Adult, Middle School
Pages: 247


Peter Pan has crash-landed back on Neverland. But this is not the island he remembers.

Desperate to rescue Claire and the fractured Lost Boys, Peter must unravel what truly tore his dreamland apart. But with each step, he is haunted by more of his own broken memories. Not even Pan himself is what he seems.

Claire Kenton is chained to a pirate ship, watching the wreckage of Neverland rocked by tempests. When she finally finds her brother, Connor is every bit as shattered as the island. Claire may have pixie dust flowing in her veins—but the light of Neverland is flickering dangerously close to going out forever.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

Also in this series: Dust

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After reading Dust, I wondered what would happen in Neverland. So I was quite excited to read Shadow and find out. There were so many surprises! Each chapter seemed to reveal something unexpected. I won’t go into much detail because you will want to experience these for yourself.

I can, without spoiling things, tell you some of the things I loved about it. I loved the creative elements the author brought into the story while maintaining many of the characters known and loved by fans of Peter Pan and Neverland. I loved the relationship between Peter and Claire. I loved how Claire brought hope and light everywhere she went. And I especially loved what happened with the crocodile.

Shadow was quite a bit darker than I recall Dust being. Perhaps it was just the nature of the shadow and the cause of the fracturing of Neverland. A significant portion of the story was filled with desolation and a lack of hope. Things did lighten up midway through, and though the evil was yet to be overcome, hope and light began to make their way into the story. And I wanted to stand and cheer at the ending!!

Lovers of young adult fantasy will want to read the Heirs of Neverland series in sequence for the full effect of this fascinating adventure.

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About Kara Swanson

As the daughter of missionaries, KARA SWANSON spent her childhood running barefoot through the lush jungles of Papua New Guinea. Able to relate with characters dropped into a unique new world, she quickly fell in love with the fantasy genre.
Swanson is the award-winning author of The Girl Who Could See and Peter Pan retelling/sequel Dust (Enclave Publishing, July 2020). She helps young writers explore their passions as a faculty member of the Young Writer’s Workshop.
Kara is passionate about crafting stories of light shattering darkness, connecting with readers, and becoming best friends with a mermaid—though not necessarily in that order.

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