The Silent Song of Winter by Robin E. Mason

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The Silent Song of Winter by Robin E. Mason

The Silent Song of Winter by Robin E. Mason

The Silent Song of Winter (Seasons Book 3)

by Robin E. Mason

Series: Seasons #3
Series Rating:
Publication Date February 20, 2018
Genres: Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction
Setting: Georgia, South Carolina Progressive Era – US – 1890s – 1920s
Main Character Ages: 25-34
Written for: Adults
Pages: 405


When all the noise has gone silent, all that is left is her song.

The southern town of Saisons lies at the crossroads between North and South, progressive and genteel antebellum life. Between East and West, between history and heritage, and new frontiers. Downton Abbey meets Gone With the Wind.

It’s 1912, in a world where slavery is dying and women’s rights are rising, and four young women who once shared a bond—and experienced a tragedy—question their own truths.

Pearl had lived under the impossible taskmaster of perfection. Nothing she does or ever did pleased her mother. And nothing she ever did could disappoint her father.

Caught up in the mystery of her friend’s curious—and secretive—return, Pearl wrestles with her own decisions, and flees lest her own secrets are exposed.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

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The Silent Song of Winter is a story full of secrets and mysteries.

The greatest mystery to Pearl was one that she wasn’t even aware was a question. She knew who her family was, or so she thought. However, the story unraveled lies and truths and secrets that had been hidden and warped and in the end, everything boiled down to the question “Who are you, Pearl?”

The story was full of memorable characters.  I loved the patient and enduring love that Rolf, Pearl’s husband showed her. Though their roles were fairly minor, yet crucial, he and Oliva were my favorite characters.  Oliva’s gentle faith in God and the way she shared truths that Pearl so desperately needed to hear were endearing. Oliva was the one who asked Pearl “Who are you?”

I was so glad for the Biblical truths that were shared about who we are in Christ. The beautiful encouragement of Psalm 139. The author did a great job in sharing these truths through the lives of her characters.

Pearl learned to be a midwife, and through the pages of this story, I enjoyed learning many things about midwifery at the turn of the last century.

Dealing with the difficult issues of misplaced identity, mentally abusive relationships, neglect, and depression, this was not an easy book for me to read. Aside from the depression, there were so many very ugly things Pearl learned about her mother and that we learned about her father.  There was a lot of depravity in the book, which added to my struggles in reading it.

The story took place in the early 1900s, before the start of the Great War, but there were so many flashbacks! I did feel like I had to be extra aware at all times as I read to figure out when things were taking place. I can see why the author did this, as it was necessary for the way she slowly revealed things, but it was confusing at times.

I have not read the other books in this series and believe that I would have been less confused if I had. Though there was a satisfactory ending, one mystery remained – which I believe will be the story of the next book.

10 Behind the Scenes Facts about the Book

  1. The words, “You’re nothing but a failure” sadly come from personal experience. It was a catalyst to untangle myself from the lies I had always believed.
  2. All four of my main characters in this series—Mercedes, Scarlett, Pearl, and Simone—find refuge and sanctuary being outdoors, which is very much something they share with me!
  3. I am well familiar with clinical depression, and both Scarlett (The Tilting Leaves of Autumn) and Pearl suffer from it. Their journey out of depression is written from the heart. It is a tug-of-war, darkness vs light, and it is very real. Though their particulars are different to what mine were, the agony and the struggle against it is very much what I lived.
  4. The main crop on Saisons Plantation is tea. I hadn’t given much thought to it, but was reading a book last year with tea as the crop. I created a blend to match the tea in the story. It’s nutty and quite strong—and quite high octane!
  5. I “meet” my characters as I write—and take myriad notes! I’ll visualize the person, or “hear” them speaking; I feel rather like I’m transcribing my scenes as they play out in my head.
  6. Tag to #5—I type by touch, and sometimes write a scene with my eyes closed.
  7. I’m an actress, and this conveys really strongly my ability to be “in” the scene. (I really miss being on the stage… )
  8. I love, love, love doing the research. I love the odd and random facts I find to make my stories more authentic. For instance, the Pinard Horn. Invented by Dr. Adolphe Pinard, it is what midwives use to hear the baby’s heart rate.
  9. I also love history! Set in 1912 and 1913, Seasons takes place just before World War I.  Most of what I found in my research dealt with specifics to the war and the years after. One of the key characters is German, and I had to dig to find what I needed for his story.
  10. In my willy nilly approach to who’s who, I realized (thankfully early on!) that some of the ages of some of the characters didn’t line up! I create an extensive Word doc of names and ages (including birthdates) and who’s married to whom, etc. And one of the fascinating snippets is revealed in The Whispering Winds of Spring…..


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About Robin E. Mason

I’ve always had voices—er, stories in my head. I once said I should write them all down so someone could write them someday. I had no idea at the time that someone was me!

I have been writing since 1995, and began working in earnest on my debut novel, Tessa in 2013.  Meanwhile, I cranked out a few dozen poems, made countless notes for story ideas, and earned my BFA in Interior Design.  I lived with depression for many years, and the inherent feelings of worthlessness and invisibility; I didn’t want to be who I was and struggled with my own identity for many years.  My characters face many of these same demons.

I write stories of identity conflict. My characters encounter situations that force the question, “Who am I really?” For all who have ever wondered who you are or why you’re here, my stories will touch you in a very real—maybe too real—and a very deep way. I know, I write from experience.


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