Snow Angel by Davalynn Spencer – Book Review, Preview, Guest Post

Posted November 2, 2018 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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There are some authors I “trust”. Meaning, I know that the books they write will always meet a certain standard. I know that if the story is a murder mystery, it won’t be graphic and too dark. And that their romances will always be “clean”. That when they discuss spiritual matters, they will be consistent with what I see in Scripture regarding that.

I enjoyed the two books I read by Davalynn Spencer. Five stars amazing on both. I have been receiving her newsletters and have gotten a glimpse into her heart that way. Enough so that I invited her to share her testimony for Songs of Salvation. I have pretty much put her into that “trust” category of authors.

Here is where I confess that I hesitate reading a book when I see it is about angels. There are too many books out there that insinuate that when we die, we become angels. Sorry folks. Not gonna happen. Which is actually better for us, because the angels can’t understand grace and yet we are recipients of it. And then there are the stories about humans falling in love with angels. Um. That went badly in Genesis 6 if the view that the “sons of God” referred to are indeed angels. So, yeah. I don’t read many books about angels.

Snow Angel by Davalynn Spencer – Book Review, Preview, Guest Post

Snow Angel

by Davalynn Spencer

Published by Wilson Creek Publishing
Publication Date November 1, 2018
Genres: Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Clean Romance
Setting: Colorado Gilded Age – US – 1875 – 1900
Main Character Ages: 18-24, 25-35
Written for: Adults
Pages: 94


Was he real, or was he a figment of her heart?

Lena Carver worked as her physician brother’s medical assistant, housekeeper, and cook. Maimed in a childhood accident at Christmas, she believed she was beyond love’s reach—until a dark-eyed cowboy arrived broken, bruised, and bent on changing her mind.

Wil Bergman woke in a stranger’s home with a busted leg and a bullet-creased scalp. Trail-weary, robbed, and penniless, he was at the mercy of a country doctor whose sister’s healing touch had power to stitch up his heart and open his eyes to the impossible.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

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When I saw the title of this book, I didn’t even think twice about reading it. Snow angels are fun and harmless, right? I didn’t even read the summary being as I have enjoyed other books by this author.

I was a little nervous, though, as I read the Prologue. Four-year-old Lena was obviously going to get herself into some serious harm and as I read it, I was thinking “oh no! Don’t go there! Just don’t do it!” And I’m happy to report that the story was everything it should be and never once did it even hint at bad doctrine concerning angels. And really, if I had read the synopsis, I would have known that I was worried for no reason. <rolls eyes at herself!>

Snow Angel was delightful! Even hours after I finished it, I am still smiling at this wonderful story.

Tay was an incredible big brother who loved so unselfishly. Though it was never specifically expressed, it was inferred that his motivation for becoming a doctor and surgeon was because of what happened when he was 10 and Lena was 4.

Lena was pretty incredible. She assisted her brother in his practice and cared for their home. I don’t think she really complained, even though they were fairly poor due to her brother’s generosity in doctoring with no thought of payment. And the incredible things she did because they were what she needed to. She also had such a heart for serving her neighbors – even those who were mostly unlovable.

One of the things I loved about the story was the natural way the author introduced period-specific tidbits in such a natural way. If it wasn’t for the fact that the things she was talking about are so unnatural to us today (such as being amazed at “an entire room devoted to washing bodies and clothes”), I wouldn’t have even realized that a historical thought was being shared. It was written in such a way that made it easy to get immersed in the setting.

With a sweet message of hope, sacrifice, and love, Snow Angel was touching and fun. And if you look very carefully, you’ll see the story come full circle with the mystery of Lena’s rescuer explained in a most unexpected way.

This Christmas novella is one you will not want to miss!

Inspiration Where We Least Expect It

By Davalynn Spencer

Maybe you’ve been there – that panic zone of oh-my-gosh-I-forgot-to-wrap-a-gift-and-I’m-out-of-Christmas-paper! I’ve been known to use “the funnies,” but our newspaper doesn’t run colorful comic strips anymore, so on that frenzied winter afternoon I drove to the dollar store for a cheap…er…inexpensive roll of Christmas wrapping paper.

But I didn’t get a roll. I was derailed by a display of flat cellophane packages containing folded wrapping paper. The kind with creases that I hadn’t bought in years because of the creases.

Looking back at that decisive moment, I wonder if something was at work behind the  scenes that made me want the flat folded paper instead of the perfectly smooth rolls.

One package in particular drew my eye with its whimsical, two-dimensional artwork similar to what a child might draw. No glitter or garish colors. Just white paper covered with simplistic drawings of snowmen, people sledding and skiing, conifers mixed in with other bare, leafless trees. It was the perfect paper for a child’s gift because it had a more natural, homemade feel.

At home, I unfolded the paper, cut off what I needed, and prepared to throw away the rest. Instead, I trimmed off an irregular edge and slipped the remainder into a drawer full of tissue, gift tags, and ribbon.

And that’s when I saw it.

At the bottom edge of a grouping of trees, there was a simple drawing of a snow angel lying sideways to give the impression of being made in the snow. But what surprised me even more, were little footprints leading away from it, and just beyond them, a real angel – real in the cartoonish sense of the drawings – sneaking away into the trees.

In that nano-moment, I knew I had been shown a story.

It took me only a year and a half to decide if the setting should be contemporary or historical. Granted, most of that time was spent on other book manuscripts and life in general, but last spring I followed the advice I give aspiring writers and just started writing.

I didn’t know where the story was going, but I began with possible scenarios, possible characters. Of course it would be a romance, because that’s what I write, and soon the hero and heroine, Wil and Lena, took shape on the page.

As always, the story came to me as I wrote it, as much a discovery for me as it is for readers. That’s one of the things I love about being an author.

I hope you’ll read Snow Angel, and I pray that it encourages you to look beyond the sparkle and glitter this year to the unexpected possibilities of God’s hand in our lives.

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About Davalynn Spencer

Wife and mother of professional rodeo bullfighters, Davalynn Spencer writes cowboy romance. She is an ECPA and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author and winner of the Will Rogers Gold Medallion for Inspirational Western Fiction. And she’s fairly certain that her previous career as a rodeo journalist and crime-beat reporter prepared her for life in Colorado wrangling Blue the Cowdog and mouse detectors Annie and Oakley.

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