Stubborn Love by Jennifer Rodewald – Book Review

Posted May 18, 2021 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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Stubborn Love by Jennifer Rodewald – Book Review

Stubborn Love

by Jennifer Rodewald

Series: Murphy Brothers #5
Series Rating:
Published by Rooted Publishing
Publication Date May 18, 2021
Genres: Christian Fiction, Clean Romance
Setting: California Contemporary
Main Character Ages: 25-34
Written for: Adults
Pages: 325


Their love survived his accident, but can it survive the long, hard road to recovery?

Tyler Murphy had his life all planned out: finish college, go back to Sugar Pine as his dad’s able-bodied business partner, and most importantly, marry Rebecca Colson. But a fall from a roof leaves him less than able-bodied, and the pain he suffers as a result goes beyond the physical. Wrestling with his new disability seems manageable only by way of the pharmacy. Which is fine…until the refills run out and he’s denied a new prescription.

Rebecca Colson can’t wait for the day she’ll finally become Mrs. Rebecca Murphy. Tyler’s accident and resulting amputation are traumatic hurdles on the road to marital bliss but nothing they can’t overcome together—until Rebecca stumbles onto Tyler’s secret and approaches his family for help. Suddenly, the love of her life turns cold. In his eyes, her betrayal is unforgivable, and just like that, their hopes and dreams disintegrate.

Becca finds herself facing a future she doesn’t recognize—one where each step forward is a step away from the future she’d planned with Tyler. When a recovered Tyler finally seeks her out, he’s not sure he deserves another chance with her—not after the way he broke her heart. Becca is equally uncertain that Tyler has room in his new, very different life, for her. Is it too late to restore their relationship, or will their stubborn love forge a new path for a future together?

Stubborn Love is book 5 in the Murphy Brothers Stories; Christian novels full of romance and redemption. Don't miss this family of seven brothers as they navigate through life, faith, and love.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

Also in this series: Always You: A Murphy Brothers Story, In Spite of Ourselves, Everything Behind Us , This Life, Who You Are

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It is easy to trust in God’s goodness and love when things go well but it can be so very difficult when they don’t. In Stubborn Love, Jennifer Rodewald explores how tragedy and loss can drive a man with faith to doubt everything he had believed in a tender and compassionate manner.

Tyler did everything with his whole heart, including loving Becca. While I really, really liked him, part of me was overwhelmed by his larger-than-life exuberance and adventurous spirit! That made me admire Becca’s courage in following him on his adventures despite her own fears.

His grief after the accident and loss of his leg was natural. So were his anger and desire for relief from the pain and suffering he experienced. His problem was how he attempted to deal with it. I grieved with him and was heartbroken by these things! And I cheered when he was finally forced to see himself for what he had become and learned to turn his life back over to the God who loves him. Learning to fight his spiritual battles with gratitude, following the prescription for peace and joy found in Philippians 4, transformed him and flipped his life right side up again.

With the help of loving friends, Becca began her new life, not as Mrs. Murphy as she had planned, but moving forward nevertheless. She learned to rely daily on her “battle cards”, scripture verses to help set her focus where it belonged, on the truths that never change regardless of our circumstances. They prepared her heart for the spiritual battle fought daily.

As I have come to expect from this author, Stubborn Love is a multi-layered story dealing with loss, love, and faith in a way that was realistic, encouraging, and filled with spiritual truths applicable to everyone’s life.

If you enjoy Christian fiction that encourages you and challenges you in your faith, be sure to read Stubborn Love and the entire Murphy Brothers series. Each story builds on the others and yet is complete on its own.

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About Jennifer Rodewald

Jennifer Rodewald (aka J. Rodes) leans toward raw honesty, and isn’t afraid of dark places, because she knows the Light will always break through. Writing for her is a journey of learning. Life on the plains with her personal superman has been pretty awesome—sprinkled with dark and light places. They have four kids to keep things chaotically interesting, and her favorite advice to them is “to be your best weird self.” Jen’s tendency to be loud—she calls it a blessing to have a “coach’s voice”—is a family trait. Ultimately, she believes Love has conquered all—we just haven’t reached the HEA ending yet.

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