The Heart Changer by Jarm Del Boccio – Pre-Order, Excerpt

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In just a couple of week, Jarm Del Boccio’s debut book will be releasing. It is written for children between eight and 11 years old. And it is about the little slave girl who recommended to Naman, the Syrian general, that he seek healing from God through Elijah.

I’m quite excited about this story. I love Naman’s story and have often wondered about the girl. And now that I have read this excerpt, I am even more ready for the book!

The Heart Changer by Jarm Del Boccio – Pre-Order, Excerpt

The Heart Changer

by Jarm Del Boccio

Published by Ambassador International
Publication Date April 26, 2019
Genres: Christian Fiction, Biblical Fiction, Middle School
Setting: Syria 1000 - 732 BC
Written for: Middle-School
Pages: 74


Can an Israelite captive, wrenched from all she loves, serve the very man who destroyed her village?

Miriam is asked to do the impossible: serve the wife of Naaman, commander of the Syrian army. Clinging to treasured memories of home and faith, Miriam faces captivity with worry and bitterness. Little does she know the Heart Changer is wooing and preparing her for a greater mission far beyond what she could imagine.

This middle-grade historical novel reflects the heartache and angst of a young refugee in a foreign land where all hope seems lost.

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“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?“ HER eyes blazed with fire. “How could you? It was NOT yours to touch. Now we are both in trouble with the gods.”

Miriam attempted to pull herself off the cold surface, and up onto her knees. “I am sorry. Truly sorry. I did not mean to break it. I was curious.”

“Ha! Doesn’t your God forbid other gods? Isn’t He jealous? Now you are twice in trouble.”

Miriam wondered how she knew so much about the Hebrew’s Jehovah.

“Last year we had an Israelite slave boy to serve the master. He didn’t last long.” Rana sneered. “But we got an earful of your strange ways before he departed. And you? How long will you stay? A week? A month?” She derided. “We will see what we can do about that.”

“I will fix it. I will try.” Miriam reached for the jagged pieces.

“Don’t touch it. Don’t you dare.” She pointed a long, slender finger at Miriam. “I don’t want your filthy Hebrew hands touching my god.”

No more words were needed. Miriam flung herself on her bed, with her face to the wall. She listened as Rana hurriedly picked up all the pieces, and stomped out of the room, talking under her breath in harsh tones. A tear found its way through Miriam’s eyelids, squeezed shut from grief. What she wouldn’t give for a hug from her ima, or a pat on the shoulders from abba. Is there no one to love me? Exhausted with these thoughts, she fell fast asleep.

The Heart Changer by Jarm Del Boccio – Chapter 9

About Jarm Del Boccio

Jarm (‘J’ pronounced as a ‘Y’) Del Boccio finds her inspiration in everyday life, but in particular, when she travels the globe, observing the quirky things that happen along the way. Focusing on lives of characters from the past, Jarm is devoted to breathing new life into the pages of history.

Jarm has a background in elementary and high school education, and served for seven years as a school librarian. Grateful for the opportunity, she taught three missionary kids in an isolated area of Papua New Guinea. She is part of SCBWI and American Christian Fiction Writers, and has published articles in “The Old Schoolhouse” magazine.

“The Heart Changer,” her debut MG historical/biblical fiction, releases with Ambassador International April 26th 2019. Jarm is content with the journey God has placed her on, and lives with her husband, adult daughter and son (when he lands at home) in a tree-lined suburb of Chicago. You can connect on her author’s website/blog at:

“My Passion is to Make Scripture and History Come Alive for my Readers: Illuminating the Past. Making Sense of the Present. Offering Hope for the Future.”


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