The List by Buck Storm – Book Review

Posted August 24, 2020 by Phyllis Helton in Best of the Year, Book Reviews /

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The List by Buck Storm – Book Review

The List

by Buck Storm, Bill Perkins

Published by Compass Publishing
Publication Date February 28, 2019
Genres: Biblical Fiction
Setting: Israel Roman Empire - 32BC - 1461 AD
Written for: Adults
Pages: 316


A city in tumult! Could ancient writings hold the answers?

The ancient prophets said he would come. And for centuries the people watched, waited and hoped. He was to be the redeemer of Israel. The all-powerful King of Kings who would finally and decisively deliver the nation from the iron fist of Rome.

Joseph of Arimathea is a wealthy man, but wealth can't buy peace. Nor the affection of the wife he loves. Nicodemus is a leader of Israel who will stop at nothing to find truth. Sadducee and Pharisee--two men, worlds apart, thrown together at the most critical moment in the history of the world.

Set against the spectacle and grandeur of ancient Israel and the brutal violence of the Roman Empire, here is a tale not to be missed. Step into THE LIST and experience the Christ story as you never have before.

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The List is such an amazing story! I have always enjoyed Biblical fiction and yet read it so carefully to make sure there are no flagrant errors in doctrine. I worry a little when I read about some of the more well-known Biblical figures, in case they are not represented well. Know what I mean?

First, I want to mention that I love the fact that every word spoken by Jesus in this story comes straight from the Bible. So there is no room for false doctrine to be slipped in. I felt that he was characterized so beautifully and respectfully. Reading this story had me falling in love with him a all the more!

While certainly the central theme, Jesus is not the central character. I enjoyed the clever way the authors had the disciples speaking for Jesus when he would have said something outside of scripture.

The details of the story made the Bible come to life. As I read of Joseph entering the Temple area to the sound of the instruments and the voices of the Levitical singers, I experienced it in a manner I hadn’t before. Somehow, in my musings, I had neglected to include these elements.

Filled with witty banter, icy confrontations, confusion over who Jesus really is, The List presented details clearly without at all feeling unnatural at all. As Joseph and Nicodemus searched the scriptures to see if Jesus could possibly be the Messiah, their discussions showed the evidences from the Old Testament clearly and cleverly.

I could go on and on, gushing about this fantastic story. But I won’t. I will mention the one little thing that caused me to dock a star – but considering that I would have given it six, it still leaves it with a great rating. There is a point when Joseph’s father-in-law confronts Joseph’s wife and tells her why he has always resented her. Essentially, it is because she is not a son but he described it as her lacking a particular anatomical part.

I have a few people in mind that I will suggest reading The List to in order to enhance their understanding of Jesus and the culture and events surrounding his ministry. If you enjoy well-written fiction, want to have the Bible come more to life, and desire to see how much Jesus loves you, I recommend to you as well.


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