The Princess and the Pizza Man by Cassie Mae – Review

Posted September 30, 2017 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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The Princess and the Pizza Man by Cassie Mae – Review

The Princess and the Pizza Man

by Cassie Mae

Series: Destined for Love: Mansions Collection #2
Series Rating:
Published by CookieLynn Publishing
Publication Date 3 October 2017
Genres: Clean Romance
Pages: 145


Matchmaking, mansions, and murder - just another Tuesday for this princess.

Twelve years of tossing pizzas in his hometown in Alabama is like a dream come true for William Monroe, but his sister is ready to leave the Podunk place, desperate to find herself a man and get hitched. He’s not too thrilled to hear about the mansion she’s dragging him to, claiming it’s haunted with the spirit of Cupid, and it’s his job to make sure she doesn’t fall for the first guy who looks her way.

Winter’s been running the Frostville Murder Mysteries ever since she inherited a hefty sum of cash, wanting to give back in a fun and profitable way for her home city. Noticing a lot of puppy-eyed patrons, she gives herself the job of matchmaking, picking out the ones who seem best suited for one another. But when the outspoken and grumpy man from Alabama arrives with his eager-to-be-matched sister, her focus starts to falter, and she wants nothing more than to prove to Will that her mansion can feel like home, too.

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—Kiss Me in the Rain by Lindzee Armstrong
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—The Princess and the Pizza Man by Cassie Mae
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—Saving Her Plantation by Cami Checketts

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

Also in this series: Kiss Me in the Rain, Mending Fences, Love Me at Sunset, Saving Sycamore Bay

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Oh my!  I had no idea what to expect from a book by Cassie Mae, but knew from just seeing the title that I had to read this one.  From the very start of the book I had a smile on my face, and there were certainly some laugh-out-loud moments as well.  In addition to the humor, I was touched by the deep love that Will had for his older sister and the way he was willing to do just about anything for him.

Winter was a fun rich girl, who was boisterous, caring, and passionate about life.  She had a strong desire to help others.  And she appeared to be very confident in herself and not afraid of what others thought about her.  I loved reading about her at the ball.

There was a secondary romance in the story as Bells, Will’s sister, sought to be targeted by Cupid, and a murder mystery through the theater.  If you choose to read this book, be sure to try to figure out who the murderer was.  I got so caught up in the other parts of the story I kinda forgot to solve that myself.  Several things had unexpected endings, but in a good way.  It is fun to be surprised in a story that makes you think that maybe you know where it is going.

The writing in the book was very good (I saw a few typos, but being as this was a pre-release copy, I’m guessing they will be corrected in the final release), with great descriptions that drew me in as if I was experiencing the story first-hand.  I will note that the cover should not give you the idea that the story takes place on a warm beach, though, because it was very cold in Michigan when they were there, and they were inside for most of the book.

There was a single line where a crude sexual comment was made which felt out of place for the rest of the story which was clean and sweet.  Aside from my personal preference for keeping crudeness from books, that line should have been left out just for consistency with the rest of the book.

After having read this book, I took a look at her bio on Goodreads to learn more about her and her writing.  I cracked up when I saw this: “And she likes kissing her hubby, but only if his facial hair is trimmed”, because she obviously used her real-life experience in the book.  I won’t explain that comment beyond this so I don’t give any spoilers.


About Cassie Mae

As much as I enjoyed her story The Princess and the Pizza Man, I will be cautious about which of Cassie Mae’s books I read in the future as she has indicated in answers to questions on Goodreads that some of her books would be considered to be rated R for sexual content, and many of her young adult and new adult books have sexual content and other mature content, though they would be considered PG or PG-13.

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