Wooing Cadie McCaffrey by Bethany Turner – Book Review, Preview

Posted May 21, 2019 by Phyllis Helton in Best of the Year, Book Reviews /

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I love smiles.

I know different people tend to be attracted to various features in others, and frankly, some of the attractions I have read about make me scratch my head. Not that I don’t think people really have them; I just don’t see it.

What always seems to catch my attention, though, is a smile. Some people smile with their entire being, which makes me smile. And I’ve noticed that the people who have attractive smiles like this tend to be attracted by others’ smiles as well. . .

Wooing Cadie McCaffrey by Bethany Turner – Book Review, Preview

Wooing Cadie McCaffrey

by Bethany Turner

Published by Revell
Publication Date May 21, 2019
Genres: Christian Fiction, Clean Romance
Setting: New York Contemporary
Main Character Ages: 24-35
Written for: Adults
Pages: 337


After four years with her boyfriend, Cadie McCaffrey is thinking of ending things. Convinced Will doesn't love her in the "forever" way she loves him, Cadie believes it's time for her to let him go before life passes her by. When a misunderstanding leads to a mistake, leaving her hurt, disappointed, and full of regret, she finally sends him packing.

But for Will, the end of their relationship is only the beginning of his quest to figure out how to be the man Cadie wanted him to be. With the dubious guidance of his former pro-athlete work friends and tactics drawn from Cadie's favorite romantic comedies, Will attempts to win her back. It's a foolproof plan. What could possibly go wrong?

Bethany Turner is back with more of the heart and humor readers love. Anyone who enjoys a good romance or binges romantic comedies on Netflix will devour this delightful story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

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I am so enamored with this story! From the first sentence, I was hooked. In fact, just reading the Prologue had me filled with so many emotions! From laughter at the meet-cute to the heart-warming way Cadie and Will fell in love so quickly. Be still my heart! I found myself both longing for (so I could know how things turned out) and dreading the ending of the book (duh! It was so wonderful to read).

Will swept Cadie off her feet both literally and figuratively as he rescued her from the certain peril resulting from standing on a desk in high-heels holding a cake blazing with fifty candles on it. In the same way he became captivated with Cadie in a flash, I was captivated with this story.

Despite pulling from familiar stories and being written in a genre that can be somewhat predictable, this story was fresh and new and included many unexpected situations. The ending was both original and familiar in the best way possible.

Will was handsome, according to Cadie, “in a goofy sort of way”. With an incredible smile. He was so in love with Cadie yet so inept at expressing it. The results of his bumbling attempts at winning her back were highly amusing!!

One of the things that I enjoyed tremendously was the feeling of sharing inside jokes with Will and Cadie. I wanted to highlight so many passages to share and each time I realized they don’t make any sense if you aren’t in the know. Will’s special birthday greeting to Cadie each year is one such example.

If you enjoy Rom-Com movies, you will have fun with the abundance of references here. I was surprised at the number of movies I wasn’t familiar with at all and loved seeing some of my favorites listed here. I was reading portions of the story to my husband because it was just too humorous to keep to myself! We both agreed that the way the author arranged her words was masterful.

On the other hand, Wooing Cadie McCaffrey was also poignant and dealt with issues such as temptation, shame, and guilt. Cadie’s fear of being judged by her parents and the burden she carried made me so sad. I loved the way that both Cadie and Will drew closer to God when they realized he was so ready to forgive. The words of Cadie’s mom’s words to her about God’s nature and forgiveness touched my heart deeply.

Author Bethany Turner achieved the delicate balance of romance, inspiration, humor, and heart issues in this delightful story. It is the first I have read of her books and I hope to add many more to that number.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book!

About Bethany Turner

Bethany Turner is the author of The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck and the director of administration for Rock Springs Church in Southwest Colorado. A former bank executive and a three-time cancer survivor (all before she turned 35), Bethany knows that when God has plans for your life, it doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say. Because of that, she’s chosen to follow his call to write. She lives with her husband and their two sons in Colorado, where she writes for a new generation of readers who crave fiction that tackles the thorny issues of life with humor and insight.

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  1. Alicia Haney

    Wow, your book sounds Awesome, one day I would love to read it. God Bless you.