2 Retire In Panama? by Greg Kitzmiller – Book Review

Posted July 17, 2020 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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I met Greg Kitzmiller and his wife when I went to Israel in March of this year. They, along with three others in our group, live in Panama, while the rest of us live in the States.

Greg and his sweet wife, Jen, were a blessing to get to know. I enjoyed hearing them talk about how they were able to retire in Panama and what it is like living there. So when he told me about his book and gave me a chance to review it for him, I knew I needed to take him up on the offer!

2 Retire In Panama? by Greg Kitzmiller – Book Review

2 Retire In Panama?

by Greg Kitzmiller

Publication Date July 18, 2020
Genres: Non-Fiction
Setting: Panama Main Character Ages: Contemporary
Written for: Adults
Pages: 286


As I began researching retirement, I found tons of information on the internet for would be expatriates. I will however warn you right up front that many of the websites, blogs, and companies promoting living outside a person’s home country are not all on the up and up. Many only want to attract the attention of investors, home buyers, and others with money to spend. A savvy researcher must glean information from those sites that will support one’s own agenda. Perhaps you have considered retiring, moving overseas, and even reinventing your life as an expatriate. Are you are feeling the pain of overwhelming research about moving to a foreign or developing country?
This book is my best attempt to answer questions surrounding any move to a developing country. It tells of my wife and my experience retiring, and becoming expats in Panama. It takes a mix of our adventures and experiences, providing a bit of entertainment along the way.
I have not whitewashed the experience, like the glossy blogs and websites that only want you to see the best that their country of choice has to offer. I have provided an honest, straight forward approach so that you can be prepared for what you will encounter as you enter a new chapter of your life.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

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I’ve only recently begun to think about retiring, and honestly, have doubted whether it will even be possible. It never occurred to me that one option is to move to another country where the cost of living is lower than it is here. Hmm.

2 Retire in Panama? combines facts and anecdotes about Greg Kitzmiller and his wife’s decision about moving to Panama. Frankly, I’m amazed at the details that he included, costs, warnings, and descriptions of the processes required for things such as buying property and obtaining driver’s licenses.

The anecdotes add human interest, keeping this from being a dry, how-to manual. And the style of the writing is inviting and personal. While I did skim over some of the details that I don’t need at the moment, if I do ever move to Panama – or even visit – I will be revisiting chapters and reading thoroughly the information shared.

Anyone who is considering a relocation for retirement, whether to Panama, another country, or even to another house, should consider this thorough account. It helped me to see all the things that need to be considered and I am glad to have read it.

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About Greg Kitzmiller

Greg Kitzmiller was born and raised in the United States. He attended primary school in Mattawan Michigan and obtained his Bachelor of Science in Management from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a lover of God, husband, father, expatriate, blogger, and newly published author.

In 2016 God blessed him with the ability to retire from corporate America at the age of 56. His amazing wife Jen joined him in retirement about 14 months later. The two of them knew that enjoying retirement in their Michigan home did not fit into either of their ideas of the perfect way to spend their golden years. Greg began researching the possibility of retiring as expatriates. With eternal summer, relaxed laidback lifestyle, and a cost of living that would not break the budget priorities, The Republic of Panama kept coming to the top of the list. After a couple of due diligence trips, the couple officially made the move to Panama in 2018. The lower cost of living in Panama allows the couple to travel and enjoy the beautiful world together.

From the very beginning of the retirement adventure Greg began publishing a very well received blog. The passion to write and popularity of his blog led him to write and publish his first book titled 2 Retire In Panama?. Greg and Jen currently live in Coronado, Panama.

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