A Life Renewed by Olivia Rae – Author Interview

Posted April 2, 2020 by Phyllis Helton in Author Introductions, Book Spotlight, New Releases /

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Today is release day for this intriguing-sounding historical Christian romance by Olivia Rae.

I have always thought the story of Lady Jane Grey is so sad, so when I saw that this gives her an alternate ending, it made me very happy! It will be the next book I read and I’m excited to dive into it.

In the meantime, Olivia has agreed to tell us a little about herself and her writing. So I’m happy to introduce her to you. Readers, this is Olivia Rae. Olivia, these are my readers. 🙂

How is your work unique from other authors? What is in your stories that readers might not find in other stories?

I write romantic Christian fiction, mostly historical fiction. My books are slightly different as I pick time periods that are not common in Christian fiction. My new book, A Life Renewed, takes place during the Tudor period and not only takes place in England, but Germany as well. My Sword and the Cross Chronicles take place in the 12th and 13th century with various locations such as the Holy Land, France, and England.

Another thing that is different about my books as compared to other Christian romances, I always try to have a figure from actual history be present at some point in the story. I also like to have a bit of mystery in each story, just to keep my readers on their toes.

What is your favorite book or character that you’ve written?

I have to say my favorite book that I have written is Devotion, the last book in my Sword and the Cross Chronicles. My Hero, Theo de Born was terribly disfigured in book five of the series (Adoration). I was going to make this a straight Beauty and the Beast type story, but I reversed the roles. The man who looked like a beast was really a beauty inside and my beautiful heroine is really quite beastly at times. Both characters grow and change in a beautiful accepting way. I think I like this book best is because my hero and heroine were not your traditional characters.

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

I like creating a story out of a kernel of information. The idea of my new book, A Life Renewed came when I took a trip to England and learned about the tragic life of Lady Jane Grey. Her life was so disastrous, I just wanted to give her a second chance at happiness. So that’s exactly what I did when she escaped her execution.

What are you working on now?

Right now, I am working on book two in the Secrets of the Queens series, A Life Redeemed. In this book you will meet Queen Elizabeth and be taking a trip to Scotland too. I’m really excited about this one.

What was your dream job when you were a child?

My third-grade teacher asked me this very question, and at the time, I wanted to become a teacher just like her, but I didn’t think I was smart enough. I had a lot of learning issues in school. When I got into high school and expressed the same wish to my history teacher, she said, I would make an excellent teacher. With a lot of studying and hard work I became a special education teacher. But that career is over and now I am very happy to stay at home and write.

What is your favorite Bible verse or hymn?

I would have to say my favorite hymn is What a Friend We Have in Jesus. It was my grandmother’s favorite hymn.

When I was young, things were not always good at my home. Often, I would go and spend weeks at Grandma’s house. After I graduated from college I lived with my grandmother. She was my refuge in times of trouble back then, just as Christ is my refuge now. Even when I got married, I had What a Friend We Have in Jesus as my wedding march.

What kind of challenges did you have in writing A Life Renewed?

My greatest challenge was picking a heroine that actually lived. I had to do a lot of research in Lady Jane Grey’s life and her family. It was very interesting.

Lady Jane was what we would call a progressive protestant. The conflicts between the Catholics and Protestants (The beginning of The Church of England) was very real and very deadly at that time. What many people don’t know is that Henry VIII was actually against many other Protestant religions (Calvinists, Lutherans, etc.). He feared their religious influence as much as he did the Catholic’s.

His son Edward was more progressive, like Jane. If he would have lived, Jane’s outcome would have been totally different. After Jane’s death, Queen Mary went on a mission to turn England back to Catholicism. In her reign she killed over 300 Protestants. Hence later in history she was known as “Bloody Mary.”

Thank you, Olivia for sharing with us today!

Readers, here is the information about her story! Help spread the word about this story and be sure to pick up a copy for yourself!

A Life Renewed by Olivia Rae – Author Interview

A Life Renewed

by Olivia Rae

Series: Secrets of the Queens #1
Series Rating:
Publication Date April 2, 2020
Genres: Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Clean Romance
Setting: Germany, England Middle Ages - 400 to 1600
Written for: Adults
Pages: 233


Award-winning author Olivia Rae brings another new exciting historical series.

In 1554, Lady Jane Grey, "The Nine Days' Queen" was executed for high treason.
But what if, instead of feeling the blade on her neck she secretly survived?

Escaping execution, Lady Jane hides as a peasant girl in a principality in Germany. She loves the simple life and never wants to return to England. But her benefactor, a power-hungry German prince, wants to march on London and place her on the English throne again, thereby increasing his dominance in Europe. If she doesn't agree with his plan, her beloved childhood nurse will be put to death. Desperate for help, Jane must put her trust in the mysterious spy Asher Hayes.

Asher Hayes is done rounding up Protestants for "Bloody Mary" and wants nothing more than to live a quiet life as a farmer and expunge the blood of many from his hands. Except Queen Mary isn't done with him yet. She throws his father, mother, and sister into prison on false charges in order to force him to accept one last mission - find and kill Lady Jane Grey. But when Asher discovers Lady Jane isn't a threat to the throne as he believed her to be, he faces a devastating decision - does he sacrifice his family for the woman who reigns in his heart?

Also in this series: A Life Renewed

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