A Second Chance by Walt Mussell – Book Review

Posted August 24, 2021 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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A Second Chance by Walt Mussell – Book Review

A Second Chance

by Walt Mussell

Publication Date August 24, 2021
Genres: Historical Fiction, Time Travel
Setting: Japan, Georgia Contemporary, Azuchi–Momoyama period - Japan - 1573 - 1603
Written for: Adults
Pages: 102


Kira Sakamichi is a career-driven woman, trying to achieve success before her mother's constant interference sentences her to a relationship. But when a grudging drive to meet her mother's latest "selection" ends in a lake accident, Kira wakes up lost in the past, the concubine of a 16th century samurai, and mother to his six-year-old son. When actions in battle lead to the samurai's condemnation, Kira learns that she and her son will share the samurai's fate. Only by understanding the importance of duty and family in both time periods can they survive.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

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It’s only a hundred pages long. Yet, A Second Chance was the perfect length to tell Kira’s story.

It is an interesting novella, packed with information about life, Samurai, and honor in sixteenth-century Japan. And, unlike Mussell’s other historical fiction, this one has the added element of time travel! Which was executed well and was a clever way to impart knowledge without making it sound like a history textbook.

There are indications in the author’s notes that there might be future stories telling what happened to some of the other characters. If so, I’d love to read them!

If you enjoy reading about Japan or historical fiction, I encourage you to read A Second Chance.

Free Book Offer

Walt let me know that he is offering a free electronic copy of The Samuari’s Honor, which was released last year, to those who sign up for his newsletter.

Will a child’s curiosity lead to honor or death?Japan, 1577. Younger daughter of the area’s most prominent swordsmith, Sen’s life is marked with jealousy of her older sister’s love match, curiosity about her father’s secretive customers, and love as her family plans her next step to adulthood. When a high-ranking samurai visits her father to order a sword, Sen’s inquisitiveness lands her as an eyewitness to a murder and on the cusp of a plot that seeks the samurai’s demise. Will curiosity lead to her own death?bookhip.com

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About Walt Mussell

Walt Mussell lives in an Atlanta-area suburb with his wife and their two boys. He primarily writes historicals, with a focus on Japan, an interest he gained during the four years he lived there. He refers to his work as “Like Shogun, but the heroine survives.”

Walt’s first novel, The Samurai’s Heart, was published in 2017. E-copies can be downloaded from any Amazon website. Print copies can be ordered at your local bookstore. Please visit Walt’s website at waltmussell.com to subscribe to his newsletter. 


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