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My name is Phyllis. I am an avid reader and hope to help you discover new reading treasures.

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What I Read

I am a follower of Jesus but do not limit my books to those written by Christians or with Christian themes.  I will only list the Christian genre for a book if it has a clear Christian theme.  (There are actually a number of my favorite authors who are Mormons, and as long as they do not touch on Mormon doctrine, I continue to read and recommend them.)  For more information on how I assign a genre (or specifically, how I define a Christian genre), visit my page with genre descriptions.

While I read a diverse number of genres, I am particular about the books I read.  The genres I enjoy include clean romance, chick lit, action and adventure, suspense, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, historical, dystopian, paranormal.  I enjoy books written for young adults as well as grown-ups (though not beyond PG-13 rating).  I do not, however, like to read books that use foul language, are violent or gory, or give details of intimate actions that should be kept private.  I am not a fan of books that have disturbing endings (or middles or beginnings, actually) and do not read books about zombies, witches or vampires.

How I Review

While I may review books here that were given to me to review, I still give each book an honest review.  If the book I have reviewed is one that was given to me in hopes of a review or as part of a blog tour, I will be sure to let you know.

I will never accept payment for the reviews I do.

I will also indicate whether a book is appropriate for a younger audience (would I want my young nieces reading it?).  I will also note in the review things like how “clean” a book is regarding language, intimacy, drinking, and violence.

I also want to keep the tone of the blog positive, so I will only post reviews of 3 stars or more unless I have committed to reviewing a book through a blog tour.

What to Expect From this Site

You can expect to see new posts coming out on a frequent basis, most likely at least one per day.  I tend to read a ton and will post reviews on a regular basis.

In addition to reviews, I will let you know when I find out that books by my favorite authors will be going on sale or when new releases are coming out.  I will also post author bios, interviews and testimonies, along with character and book sketches.

I’d love to hear from you about what you would like to see on this site. Thank you for taking the time to visit.



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