Always You by Jennifer Rodewald – Book Review, Preview

Posted March 6, 2020 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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Always You by Jennifer Rodewald – Book Review, Preview

Always You: A Murphy Brothers Story

by Jennifer Rodewald

Series: , Murphy Brothers #1
Published by Rooted Publishing
Publication Date March 3, 2020
Genres: Christian Fiction, Clean Romance
Setting: Nevada Contemporary
Main Character Ages: 25-34
Written for: Adults
Pages: 193


They made a pact of friendship. Love was not supposed to be part of the deal.

Lauren is desperate to escape the massive shadow of her father’s and sister’s political careers.

Matt is running from the biggest disappointment of his life.

After a messy meeting in a snowbound airport, they launch a new friendship, founded on a mutual love for the Lord and an agreement of respect. They find themselves working together at the Lake Shore Resort, thankful to have each other as they each carve out a fresh start. But as the winter season wears on, and through a few interesting predicaments, one begins to feel more, and the other...well. Maybe neither knows what they really want. Already wounded from the things they’ve left behind, Matt and Lauren wrestle with what comes next. Afraid to move forward. Not wanting to go back.

Each must face a dilemma that only the hand of the Potter can smooth into a hopeful, promising future. Can they surrender past hurts, as well as their future hopes and plans and trust the good intentions of the God they both love?

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

Also in this series: In Spite of Ourselves, Everything Behind Us , This Life, Stubborn Love, Who You Are

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Once again, Jennifer Rodewald has written a fantastic story!

Always You is quirkier than some of her stories, more upbeat and maybe RomComy, yet it is so full of spiritual truth that I cringe a little to describe it that way.

This may sound strange but I just loved the way the author gave each chapter such fun titles. Each time I would come to a new one, I would just smile. They were old-fashiony titles like Chapter 1 (in which Lauren meets a man at the airport). See what I mean?

So Matt and Lauren have an awkward meet-cute that resulted in an inside joke that caused her to blush each time he said “tux”. That event really highlighted what a sweet and easy-going guy Matt is.

Lauren, despite the fact she was trying to run away from her troubles, was quite a mature Christian who loved the Lord with all her heart. I loved the way she had so many scriptures memorized and how they would just pop out at the best possible times. Psalms of praise, words of encouragement. Words timely spoken. And not for effect because sometimes she didn’t even realize anyone was listening. It was truly a case of “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”. And I loved the way that Lauren helped Matt to see things from a right perspective and help him to turn back to seeking the Lord.

I can’t forget about Matt. The oldest of seven boys, he wasn’t surprised by much. Though he had been raised with a great foundation, he had allowed his desire to please his best friend’s girlfriend/fiance to lead him to turn his focus to worldly things. Things he didn’t even really care about. The natural, friendly way he treated Lauren from the start was so fun! I loved the way he completely ignored personal space etiquette with Lauren.

If you enjoy sweet romances that make you laugh and think about the Lord, be sure to read Always You!

(One final note. I’m not a fan of references to bodily functions – please don’t tell me when the characters are going to the bathroom! And I dislike the word “puke”. Yes, both of these appear here but they worked and didn’t do more than make me cringe for a moment.)

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About Jennifer Rodewald

Jennifer Rodewald (aka J. Rodes) leans toward raw honesty, and isn’t afraid of dark places, because she knows the Light will always break through. Writing for her is a journey of learning. Life on the plains with her personal superman has been pretty awesome—sprinkled with dark and light places. They have four kids to keep things chaotically interesting, and her favorite advice to them is “to be your best weird self.” Jen’s tendency to be loud—she calls it a blessing to have a “coach’s voice”—is a family trait. Ultimately, she believes Love has conquered all—we just haven’t reached the HEA ending yet.


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