DawnKing by Janalyn Voigt – Spotlight and Excerpt

Posted January 22, 2020 by Phyllis Helton in Blog Tours, Book Spotlight, Excerpts, Giveaways /

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DawnKing by Janalyn Voigt - Spotlight and Excerpt

I’m so glad to be able to share an excerpt from DawnKing here today! I have the books in this series and am looking forward to reading them. I have only read Janalyn Voigt’s historical novels  so far and have really enjoyed them.

Before I share the excerpt, here is the synopsis of the book:

DawnKing by Janalyn Voigt – Spotlight and Excerpt


by Janalyn Voigt

Published by Harbourlight Books
Publication Date January 10, 2020
Genres: Fantasy, Christian Fiction
Written for: Adults
Pages: 342


Unlikely travelers band together to accomplish the impossible—bring peace to their kingdom. But traitorous forces are at work, and a treacherous hand is destroying everything they accomplish. Honor and soul-searching bring the travelers to hidden truth, and when a sacrifice is made, the broken-hearted band of misfits must cleanse the evil from their midst to free their world...or lose everything.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

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[Mara, daughter of the high king of Faeraven, visits Rand, her protector, after they are captured by outlaws. Rand is guarded by an outlaw named Trader. Lof Raena means High Princess in the language of Faeraven.]

At the soft thump of a footfall, he turned his head, unprepared to find Mara walking toward him through the meadow grass.

Trader chuckled and moved a small distance away, obviously intent on granting them privacy.

Mara’s smile fell flat as she met Rand’s gaze, and her puckered brow revealed that some problem disturbed her thoughts.

“Why the frown, Lof Raena? Had a falling out with Searcher?” The mockery in Rand’s voice gave away his glee at the idea.

Her chin tilted in that irritating way that made him want to kiss her. “My friendship with him has nothing to do with you.”

“That’s plain enough.” He slanted his glance downward to avoid looking at her, which only made him ache. An ant carrying a crumb too heavy for such a tiny creature struggled past the toe of his boot. “I’d rather keep it that way, if you don’t mind.”

She stirred as if irritated. “I didn’t seek you out to talk about Searcher, if that’s what you mean.”

He glanced up, surprising an expression of sorrow on her face. “What do you want with me?” He went on in a softer tone.

Her chest rose and fell on a sigh. “Only to say goodbye. We’ll ride for Cobbleford soon.”

He swept his gaze over her face, taking in every plane and curve, although he already knew it by heart. Why did her eyes shadow and her lower lip tremble? He could almost believe that she cared for him as he did for her. What did that matter? Her destiny did not include him, and his held no room for her. A rose’s thorns wounded even while they protected its beauty, he reminded himself. Mara was not for him, and he was thankful he hadn’t taken more from her than a stolen kiss. He’d expected them to part ways, but not like this. Words lay between them that would never be spoken. Once she took her rightful place as granddaughter of King Euryon, she’d be lost to him. Life in a castle as grand as Cobbleford would drive everything that had brought her to it from her mind. She would think of him no more, except perhaps when caught by a stray memory. Would she smile or frown when that happened? He would never know. “Safe journeys.”

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About Janalyn Voigt

Janalyn Voigt fell in love with literature at an early age when her father read chapters from classics as bedtime stories. When Janalyn grew older, she put herself to sleep with tales “written” in her head.

Today Janalyn is a storyteller who writes in multiple genres. The same elements–romance, mystery, adventure, history, and whimsy–appear in all her novels in proportions dictated by their genre.


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