Dead on Arrival by Angela Ruth Strong – Book Review

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He was no more than five years old. It was a commercial for the homeless mission in Los Angeles. As the ad aired, showing the men and women who had been touched by the ministry, my nephew’s heart was touched. The age-old question “why do bad things happen in this world?” led to a discussion about sin and the way that men have turned their back on God. The way that it grieves the Father’s heart and yet He loved us so very much that He sent His only son, Jesus, to bear our sins and reconcile us to God. That’s the  day my nephew received salvation.

Dead on Arrival by Angela Ruth Strong – Book Review

Exposed: A Christian Romantic Suspense Boxes Set Book Bundle Collection

by Lynnette Bonner, Lisa Phillips, Angela Ruth Strong, Alana Terry

Publication Date August 2, 2108
Genres: Mystery, Action/Adventure, Suspense, Christian Fiction, Clean Romance
Setting: Washington D.C. Contemporary
Main Character Ages: 25-34
Written for: Adults
Pages: 251


Mary Alford - Hallowed Ground

After a terrorist attack claims the life of her partner, CIA Agent Erin Sandoval would not have survived Blake's death without the help of fellow agent, Jax Murphy. When Erin's unit is deployed to Afghanistan to find the elusive terrorist the CIA believes responsible for taking Blake's life, the mission proves to be a setup, wiping out almost the entire team. As the only survivors of the attack, Erin and Jax must cut through a wealth of lies and misdirections to uncover the killer's identity. Yet nothing prepares them for the truth, and the biggest threat to their survival might prove to be their growing feelings for each other. When you're running for your life, the most dangerous place to fall is in love.

Lynnette Bonner - Fire

Years ago, teacher Kyra Radell's brother died because of drugs, so when students in her school start buying a new street drug called Fire--and dying because of it--she's determined to help. Even if that means putting her own life in danger.

Case Lexington, an undercover cop, has been sent in to pose as a high school senior. He wants her to stay safe, but she's not willing to listen to a mere student.

Can he protect her and keep his cover intact? More importantly, will he be able to find the drug dealer before any more students--or teachers--die?

Lesley Ann McDaniel - Jill Came Tumbling After

Jill Martin has finally kicked her alcoholic husband to the curb. Now, with two kids and no money, she has no choice but to take a job at the new factory that's about to open in Madison Falls. When she begins to suspect that the owner plans to illegally dispose of toxic waste, will she be strong enough to blow the whistle...or will her boss do whatever it takes to keep her quiet?

Lisa Phillips - Deadly Exposure

Navy SEAL Bradley Harris returns home to find his sister, Senator Rachel Harris, has been abducted. The FBI's prime suspect is Alexis Calvert, Rachel's best friend and the woman he gave his heart to long ago. Proving she's innocent is going to be tough. Especially when he realizes the truth behind Alexis's public shaming. Bradley must get his sister back and protect the woman he loves before the worst happens...and he loses everything.

Angela Ruth Strong - Dead on Arrival

The daughter of the Peruvian President, Maritza Rosado, arrives in Washington D.C. only to discover the world thinks both she and her father died on a plane crash in the Amazon. Worse, the man she'd once considered an uncle has taken over her nation and ordered two consulate workers in the U.S. to assassinate her. Desperate and alone in a foreign country, she hides out in a soup kitchen where youth group leader Levi Parker recognizes her from a recent mission to Peru and wants to help.
Can they possibly take down the crime ring together, or will Levi's involvement do nothing more than put his life--and the life of every teen in his youth group--at risk?

Alana Terry - Termination Dust

After her mother's death, Kimmie has no reason to stay under her stepfather's abusive rule.
No reason, that is, except for her innocent half-brother who would bear the brunt of his father's anger if Kimmie ran away.

After befriending a compassionate Alaska state trooper, Kimmie is emboldened to hope for a better future. But if her stepfather figures out what she's up to, he won't just steal away her chance at freedom.

He'll take her very life.

Virginia Vaughan - For Love or Money

Amy Sullivan left everything familiar to meet an aunt she didn't know she had. She's searching for a family connection, yet gets much more when she's named sole heir to her aunt's fortune. But someone in this sleepy, southern town doesn't want Amy to live long enough to collect that inheritance. Deputy Tate Mitchell is determined to discover who wants the money for themselves--and who is willing to kill Amy to get it.

I would like to thank Angela Ruth Strong for giving me a copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

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Please note that Dead on Arrival is part of the Exposed multi-author collection. When you click on the links here, do not be surprised to see a different cover than the one shown here.

Levi never expected his mission trip leading the youth group in ministry to the homeless to turn into a run for his life. Yet when he recognized the beautiful daughter of the Peruvian president, the entire trajectory of his trip turned into a nightmare as he helped her to escape from the assassins pursuing her.

At first glance, Levi was very casual – to the point that Maritza thought he looked like a beach bum. Yet he was intensely romantic, extremely dedicated to serving God, responsible and protective. I loved how he worked to ensure the safety of the youth group in his care in the midst of running from the gunmen with Maritza. While he was heroic, he was also a bit shy.

Maritza could have been a spoiled rich girl, but she wasn’t. She was passionate about the plight of her people and had been doing what she could to shut down the illegal gold mines that used child slave labor. When she arrived in America to witness her father and her bodyguard being assassinated, she did what any intelligent woman would do. She ran.

The Peruvian beauty had seen so much loss that it caused her to question God. If there is a good God then why do bad things happen? Why didn’t he protect her mother? Her father? Why was she now all alone and running for her life? Author Angela Ruth Strong through her characters addressed these difficult questions and helped Maritza to see God’s hand in her life without being preachy.

There were secondary characters who were developed so well that I enjoyed them as well. Jojo, one of the kids in the youth group was probably my favorite of them. He was a bit crazy, full of enthusiasm and youthful energy. Despite his silliness, he still was compassionate towards the homeless. Aww!

It was also really fun to see the homeless and the youth group interact. The homeless they had served all felt like they needed to give the kids good advice. So cute! Then the kids realized who Martiza was and showered her with kindness as they attempted to help her disguise herself from the killers. As they gave her some of their favorite things, I was so proud of them!

The story was pretty much non-stop action. Almost nothing was what it appeared to be. There were numerous plot twists and surprises all over the place. I appreciated being introduced to things in Washington D.C. that I never knew existed, such as the mansion Maritza was supposed to stay at with her father that has all kinds of secret passages. How cool is that!

I recommend this for readers who enjoy lighthearted Christian romantic suspense with tongue-in-cheek humor.






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About Angela Ruth Strong

Angela Ruth Strong sold her first Christian romance novel in 2009 then quit writing romance when her husband left her. Ten years later, God has shown her the true meaning of love, and there’s nothing else she’d rather write about. Her books have since earned TOP PICK in Romantic Times, been optioned for film, won the Cascade Award, and been Amazon bestsellers. She also writes non-fiction for SpiritLed Woman. To help aspiring authors, she started IDAhope Writers where she lives in Idaho, and she teaches as an expert online at WRITE THAT BOOK.

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