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by E.B. Wheeler

I am happy to welcome E.B. Wheeler to Among the Reads today. Before we begin, may I bring you some of your favorite dessert and beverage?

I love cheesecake and a lassi to wash it down.

Hmm. I was wondering if that was a misspelling for latte – but no. I looked it up. Lassi is an Indian yogurt-based spicy drink. That sounds just lovely!

Do you have any hidden talents?

I enjoy archery and playing the harp, though I’m not necessary good at either one.

One of my best friends in school did archery! Interesting that both of those talents are in using things with strings.

What is your favorite genre of books to read?

I love historical fiction and mysteries, though I try to read across a lot of different genres.

That explains the books that you have written. You have written a few of each of those genres.

If you could live at any time in history, what would it be? Why?

Now! I love reading about history, but it makes me really grateful to live now, when we have indoor plumbing, women’s rights, and Indian takeout.

So true!

What is your favorite time in history to write about? Why?

I love times when big changes were happening in society, so periods like the Renaissance and the Victorian era.

What was your inspiration for Love Dorothy?

I came across Dorothy’s story when I was researching something else, and I was fascinated by her. When I found that no one else had written a novel about her, I decided I’d better do it.

How did you go about researching for this book?

I read all of Dorothy’s letters and many of William’s writings, as well as other books about the time period and written during the era.

After having read your book, I have to say you did a great job in bringing that time period and the characters to life.

You have written both biographical fiction and historical fiction. Is it harder or easier to write when your main character is a historical figure and not one you dreamed up?

I thought it would be easier since the plot and characters are already determined, but I found it very challenging to fill in the gaps and stay true to the historical facts, all while fitting the needs of the story as well. Fun, but challenging.

I can see that would be the case.

Now that Yours, Dorothy has released, what is next on your plate?

Right now, I’m working on a historical mystery – with all fictional characters. 🙂

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit with us and let us know a little more about you. Readers, be sure to stop back on May 14 for my review of E.B. Wheeler’s latest book, Yours, Dorothy.

Excerpt from Yours, Dorothy

Dorothy tried to focus on the French passages of her romance as the young man’s footsteps approached. He loomed silently over her, his shadow blocking her light. She snuck a glance at her brother’s back. What a dreadful chaperone! Whatever game this stranger was playing, she would not join in.

“You enjoy romances,” he said.

Dorothy lifted an eyebrow but did not look up from her book. “As you see. And I dislike being interrupted when I read.”

He perched on a crate next to her. “Of course. How obnoxious it must be to try to lose yourself in some tale of great deeds and heroes and have some idiot prattling on as if he, a mere mortal, could hold any interest compared to the heroes of those stories.”

She glared at him, and he flashed a grin. The corner of her mouth twitched, but she dropped her attention back to the pages. He was handsome, with his long, black curls and sea-gray eyes, but she could hold her own against the advances of a pretty fop.
“Indeed,” she said. “But I wonder if the prattler realizes that he is one. For certainly, if he were wise, he would know when to hold his tongue.”

“In the face of wit, beauty, and courage combined in one woman, all men become either prattling idiots or else dumb-struck ones. And now you know which sort of man I am.” He stood and bowed. “William Temple, at your service.”


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About E.B. Wheeler

E.B. Wheeler holds graduate degrees in history and landscape architecture from Utah State University. She’s the award-winning author of THE HAUNTING OF SPRINGETT HALL, NO PEACE WITH THE DAWN (with Jeffery Bateman), Whitney Award finalist BORN TO TREASON, and YOURS, DOROTHY, as well as several short stories, magazine articles, and scripts for educational software programs. She was named the 2016 Writer of the Year by the League of Utah Writers. In addition to writing, she consults about historic preservation and teaches history at USU.


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