Call for Reviewers – Service for Authors

Every author knows that without reviews, people are hesitant to read your book. In fact, that is probably why you are here; you saw my blog and hoped I might consider reviewing your book, right?

While I am happy to read and review, I frequently get more requests than I can accept. Moreover, my review is only one voice.

I know there are services “out there” that offer to find you reviewers. If you are using one that works for you, fantastic! I have found that I personally avoid many of the sites offering these services because of the difficulty in finding books that are clean and because I want to avoid the covers of those that aren’t. Eww!

I offer:

  • An audience desiring and expecting “clean” reads
  • An audience consisting of readers, authors, and book review bloggers
  • A sticky blog post sending out the call for reviewers – this goes to my e-mail list and is promoted on all my social media accounts, numerous times
  • Personal Screening of all applicants
  • Links sent to reviewers for all retail and social links (Goodreads, Bookbub, etc.) for the book
  • Personal follow-up with reviewers

Prices are per reviewer. You specify the maximum number of review copies to be offered.

For more information or to request a quote, please fill out the form below.