Heir of the Curse by Deborah Grace White – Book Review, Preview

Posted March 30, 2020 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews, Debut Author /

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Heir of the Curse by Deborah Grace White – Book Review, Preview

Heir of the Curse

by Deborah Grace White

Series: Kyona Chronicles #1
Series Rating:
Published by Luminant Publications
Publication Date March 31, 2020
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Action/Adventure
Main Character Ages: 15-18
Written for: Middle-School, High-School/Young Adult
Pages: 504


Kyona’s lost heir is found—but his birthright might be his greatest curse

Calinnae’s world is shattered when a discovery about his best friend Jonan brings the king’s soldiers down on both families. Barely avoiding their pursuers, the two friends escape with nothing but each other, and the stories of the past they grew up with. Stories that might hold answers, if they turn out to be more than just legends.

Still hunted, they set out for Kyona’s infamous mountains, assisted by Elnora, an unlikely rescuer with mysteries of her own. They hope to find answers, perhaps even the dragons of legend, whose magic might be the key to restoring Kyona’s ancient bloodline.

But the mountains hold more than just magic—they hold a secret that none of the friends are prepared for. And Calinnae’s response, as much as Jonan’s, will decide whether the kingdom stands or falls.

If you enjoy adventure, fantasy, mystery, and clean romance, discover the world of the Kyona Chronicles today. Heir of the Curse is the first of four novels in the series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

Also in this series: Captives of the Curse, Captive's Return , Legacy of the Curse , Downfall of the Curse, Downfall’s Echo

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Heir of the Curse tells the story of a kingdom which has been in turmoil since the usurper and his family took the throne. As Jonon and Calinnae, friends from birth, receive news that leaves them stunned, they also have to flee the men who murdered their parents and are now seeking to destroy them.

I was immediately captivated by the adventures of these young men. As they had to cleverly evade capture, rescue fair maidens, and trek to find the dragons of mostly forgotten legends, I was enthralled.

Jon’s father had shared countless stories of the history of their nation, and the boys had heard them over and over. I enjoyed the way the author conveyed the history through Cal’s remembrance of these tales.

While I have read many stories with dragons, I’ve never read one with a dragon city before. The description of these majestic creatures and their magical realm was fascinating.

With the perfect blend of adventure, suspense and a hint of romance, Heir of the Curse is high on my list of favorite fantasy stories. And author Deborah Grace White is high on my list of authors to not lose track of.

If you enjoy high adventure fantasy, you will not want to miss this wonderful debut! And as a bonus, the entire series is being released within the next six months so you won’t have to wait long to see how it all turns out!

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About Deborah Grace White

I’ve been a reader since I can remember, growing up on a wide range of books, from classic literature to light-hearted romps. The love of reading has traveled with me unchanged across multiple continents, and carried me from my own childhood all the way to having children of my own.

But if reading is like looking through a window into a magical and beautiful world, beginning to write my own stories was like discovering that I could open that window and climb right out into fantasyland.

I cannot believe how privileged I am to actually be living that childhood dream and publishing my own novels. I do so from my hometown of Adelaide, Australia, where I live with my husband and our two, soon to be three, little munchkins.

I’ve never outgrown my love of young adult stories, and my first series, The Kyona Chronicles, is a young adult fantasy series of four novels and two novellas.


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