Isabella and the Slipper by Victorine E. Lieske Review

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Isabella and the Slipper by Victorine E. Lieske Review

Isabella and the Slipper
by Victorine E. Lieske

Published by Kindle Press
Publication Date August 8th 2017
Genres: Young Adult, Fairy Tale Retelling, Clean Romance, Romance
Pages: 185


When Isabella accidentally switches phones with Chase Hawkins, the hottest guy in school, she finds herself making an unexpected connection with her secret crush. There’s only one problem: her awful stepmother and two horrible stepsisters would freak out if they knew. Plus, she’s sure Chase will run if he finds out he’s been texting the school nobody. But things get interesting when he gets paired up with her in physics class. Will it blow her cover?

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I love reading fairy tale retellings.  Isabella and the Slipper is a modern-day Cinderella story written for young adults.  The phone switch scenario was a clever way to introduce Isabella and Chase and yet keeping Isabella’s identity a secret.  The way they started texting each other made perfect sense.

Chase was the perfect Prince Charming, the popular actor and popular kid at the school.  He is down-to-earth and cares more about what is inside a girl than what is outside.

Isabella is practically invisible, and kinda likes to keep it that way.  Eleanor is the stereotypical wicked stepmother, and the stepsisters fit their roles perfectly as well.

The story was very well paced, and the development of the relationship and the characters was realistic and interesting.  And the drama was just enough to keep things interesting but not enough to be over-the-top.

The one thing that was needed for the plot, but you should be aware of if you are choosing books for your children, is that Isabella does have a habit of sneaking out of the house and there is one scene where she sneaks Chase up to her room (it is a totally innocent thing, but it is there).

I highly recommend this sweet, clean, romance that is suitable for pre-teens and older.


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