Kingdom of Cinders by Deborah Grace White – Book Review

Posted August 19, 2021 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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Kingdom of Cinders by Deborah Grace White – Book Review

Kingdom of Cinders: A Retelling of Cinderella

by Deborah Grace White

Series: The Kingdom Tales #3
Series Rating:
Published by Luminant Publications
Publication Date August 4, 2021
Genres: Fairy Tales, Fairy Tale Retelling, Fantasy, Young Adult, Clean Romance
Main Character Ages: 18-24
Written for: High-School/Young Adult, Middle School
Pages: 349


When you’re hiding forbidden magic, a royal ball is the last place you want to be

Born into a kingdom where power is outlawed, Penny has little reason to love her magic. She barely remembers her mother, and even her father dies unaware of her abilities. Now, magic or not, Penny is powerless to escape the bitter tangle of competition her stepmother has created between her and her stepsisters. And a series of chance encounters with the crown prince only add to her troubles. The last thing she needs is to attract the notice of the very royals who have turned her existence into a crime.

Prince Rian has never been sure about his parents’ ban on magic, but he has no choice but to embrace it. The weight of a kingdom is on his shoulders, after all. With the departure of his younger brother to a neighboring kingdom, he’s never had more pressure and less support. His parents are ready to choose Bansford’s future queen, and the last thing he can afford is to get distracted by a servant girl…no matter how intriguing she might be.

But the king and queen aren’t wrong to be afraid—the darkest kind of magic is coming for Bansford. It’s time for Penny to decide where her loyalties truly lie, and Rian…he will have to decide just how much he’s willing to sacrifice for the kingdom he’s sworn to serve.

Also in this series: Kingdom of Beauty, Kingdom of Slumber: A Retelling of Sleeping Beauty , Kingdom of Feathers: A Retelling of The Wild Swans, Kingdom of Locks: A Retelling of Rapunzel

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As you may guess from the title, Kingdom of Cinders is a retelling of Cinderella, though with imaginative twists I have come to love and expect from Deborah Grace White.

We met Rian in Kingdom of Slumber. He is the crown prince and Ben’s older brother. Poor Rian has never stood up to his parents regarding anything – he really relied on Ben speaking up when necessary. Now that Ben was no longer around, Rian had to learn how to speak up himself and when. I enjoyed seeing him come into his own as the craziness in the kingdom began to escalate.

Penny is everything sweet and kind. And a little naive. Her genial nature caused her stepfamily to take advantage of her in ways that seemed unkind. I really liked seeing her discover that her assumptions about her sisters were not exactly correct.

If you enjoy fairy-tale retellings with a bit of adventure, you’ll want to be sure to read The Kingdom Tales series. The stories can stand alone though I suggest reading them in order as some of the characters from one show up in others and having the context and history is helpful.

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About Deborah Grace White

I’ve been a reader since I can remember, growing up on a wide range of books, from classic literature to light-hearted romps. The love of reading has traveled with me unchanged across multiple continents, and carried me from my own childhood all the way to having children of my own.

But if reading is like looking through a window into a magical and beautiful world, beginning to write my own stories was like discovering that I could open that window and climb right out into fantasyland.

I cannot believe how privileged I am to actually be living that childhood dream and publishing my own novels. I do so from my hometown of Adelaide, Australia, where I live with my husband and our two, soon to be three, little munchkins.

I’ve never outgrown my love of young adult stories, and my first series, The Kyona Chronicles, is a young adult fantasy series of four novels and two novellas.

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