Lessons I Learned from Lexi

Posted October 1, 2017 by Phyllis Helton in Character Spotlight /

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Lexi has a very small, yet vital role in Her Big Fat Fake Billionaire Boyfriend.  She gives the motivation to Camden to go off on a trip to South Carolina with Kenzie who is a virtual stranger to him.  She also creates a new conflict that drives much of the rest of the story when she reveals that Camden is indeed a billionaire, which is a quality that Kenzie is determined to reject in a boyfriend and especially a future spouse.  So without Lexi, the story would be about a girl who goes off to her sister’s wedding dateless and has to listen to her mom criticize her about her life choices.  Yuck!

We are first introduced to Lexi at the very beginning of the story, when Camden is glowering about her.  (You gotta love it when characters have reason to glower.)  She is revealed as an extremely insecure (ex) girlfriend who not only accused him of cheating on her when he didn’t, but stalked him and actually crashed a business meeting of his. Yikes!

Later on, Lexi embarrasses herself by showing up drunk to Kenzie’s sister’s wedding reception and causing a scene.  It is there that she accuses Kenzie for being interested in Camden for his money.  Her swan song is played when she cries to Camden about how she loves him still and can’t figure out why no one loves her back.  Until he replies with the classic “It’s not you, it’s me”.

Other than her redeeming the story and giving it the much needed conflict, what are the lessons we can learn from this (as Camden put it) nutso woman?

  1. Stalking your boyfriend is not a good idea – not ever
  2. Breaking into your boyfriend’s meeting to make sure he isn’t cheating on you should give you a premonition that the relationship is over – he isn’t likely to take that well
  3. Making your ex-boyfriend glower is a very good indicator that you did something wrong (okay, that one was lame, but I got to use the word glower again!)
  4. Getting sloppy drunk before confronting your ex is likely to create a less than favorable impression on him and everyone else who might happen to be around
  5. If you insist on ignoring #4 and persist in getting drunk and emotional before confronting said ex, make sure to use waterproof mascara – because you really don’t want to look like Lexi did
  6. Chasing after a man because he is a billionaire is not the best of motivations.  It might be a good idea to find other redeeming qualities before you decide he is the one for you.  Like maybe he likes you.  And like maybe trustworthiness.  Because, seriously, if you feel like you need to stalk him (see points 1 and 2), there is something desperately wrong with the relationship and if it isn’t you, it’s him
  7. Building your self-worth based on relationships is setting yourself up for disappointment and insecurity.  You need to be confident in your value before anyone else can see it
  8. If your boyfriend breaks up with you and you find him with another woman, that doesn’t mean he is cheating on you.  Remember the break-up part of this statement?  And please don’t tell me you forgot rule #1 again.  You didn’t really follow him all the way to South Carolina; it’s just a wild coincidence that you are there at the exact same hotel he is, right?
  9. You say that Daniel still loves you?  And he’s willing to drive to South Carolina to rescue you from yourself?  Why would you even consider not getting back together with him?


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