Let There Be Love by Melissa Storm – Review

Posted September 23, 2017 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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Let There Be Love by Melissa Storm – Review

Let There Be Love (Sled Dog #1)

by Melissa Storm

Published by Partridge & Pear Press
Publication Date September 19, 2017
Genres: Clean Romance
Pages: 194


Lauren Dalton’s world shattered the day her father died. Now she’s willing to move four-thousand miles away from the only home she’s ever known in hopes of discovering the truth about his hidden past.

Shane Ramsey’s reputation says all anyone needs to know. He’s an amazing racer, but a terrible person. When an injury leaves him unable to work his dogs, he must swallow his pride and accept help for the sake of his team.

Will Shane open his home and his heart to the young woman who already shares his greatest love? Will Lauren find her place—and the truth about her family’s past—in helping the cantankerous Shane?

Harkening to the great literary traditions of Jane Eyre and Beauty and the Beast, Let There Be Love is a new twist on the most epic of love stories. Don’t miss the chance to lose your heart to a courageous team of sled dogs and the humans that love them in this tale set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Alaskan wilderness. Order your copy today!

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I love fairy tale retellings and so when I read the synopsis of Let There Be Love, and that it was on sale for less than a dollar, I had to give it a try.

What I liked about the book:

Melissa Storm did a great job in taking the story of Beauty and the Beast and retelling it in a way that contained the main plot elements of the original, but that didn’t make it seem like you were reading the Disney story but in a new setting. Because it was a retelling, I found myself wondering how she was going to make certain events happen but didn’t know what they would look like in her version, so there was still an element of surprise left to me, which I appreciated.

Apparently, her husband was a handler and musher for a short period in his life, so several of the scenes in the book were written with his assistance.  It was interesting reading about the different way that sled dogs are handled to keep them competitive and the way that the training and preparations for racing are done.

The author managed to throw a couple of quotes from the movie into the story, but in a new way.  It was kinda cute when Shane sarcastically said to Lauren shortly after she arrived “if that’s how you want it, then be my guest”.

I loved the description of the dogs after the race curling up into husky pucks.  Very clever!

The first person perspective was perfect for the story.  While some stories do well with the switching perspectives, this one needed to be written in the first person.

Some parts of the writing were very good.

What I didn’t like about the book:

The first quote from the Disney movie was cute, but I wish she had stopped using them there.  The next time there were several thrown in at the same time and it just seemed overdone.

Shortly after Lauren arrived, the physical therapist came to work with Shaun.  He sent her off to get groceries in his truck and her first thought was that it might be because they would be doing something inappropriate and didn’t want her there.  I felt that it was not justified that Lauren would have thought that at all, and it felt like the author put that in there to make the story seem a little more racy than it was.

There were a number of errors that I wish were caught in the editing and proof-reading.  They were very distracting.  In one example of this (well, a similar event happened two different times), Shane was on the floor and Lauren was standing, yet he “towered over her”.  In the very next sentence, she helped him up from the floor.

Another inconsistency was that Lauren drove to Shaun’s house.  Then shortly after that she had to borrow Shaun’s car, but no mention was made about what happened to her car.  After she arrived, it was like her car just disappeared and she wasn’t able to use it at all.  Then there was the race she drove Shaun’s truck to which sounded like it was in the middle of nowhere, with him in the truck, and he then went to a local tavern where she was supposed to meet him, but he left the truck for her to get the dogs in.  And after the race, Lauren just headed home and didn’t pick him up.

There were also a distracting number of grammatical errors ranging from using plane instead of plain, tons of adverbs missing “ly”, wrong tense of words used and awkward structuring of sentences.

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