Prancing Around with Sleeping Beauty by Stacy Juba – Review

Posted March 5, 2018 by Phyllis Helton in Blog Tours, Book Reviews /

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Prancing Around with Sleeping Beauty by Stacy Juba - Review

Prancing Around with Sleeping Beauty by Stacy Juba – Review

Prancing Around With Sleeping Beauty (Storybook Valley #2)

by Stacy Juba

Series: Storybook Valley #2
Series Rating:
Publication Date March 5, 2018
Genres: Clean Romance
Setting: New York Contemporary
Main Character Ages: 25-34
Written for: Adults


his Sleeping Beauty isn’t sure she wants to wake up…

Dance instructor Rory Callahan likes to play it safe. When she meets Kyle, he’s impulsive, persistent, and her exact opposite. He’s pushing her to tango way past her comfort zone and keeping Rory on her toes more than twenty years of dance teachers ever had.

Unfortunately, he’s the grandson of her family’s archrival and she doesn’t want to disappoint them. After all, her parents imagine her as a proper princess - hence her namesake Aurora, AKA Sleeping Beauty. Complicating matters, Rory’s also dealing with a surgeon boyfriend who’s perfect for her (sort of), an obnoxious boss, and desperate dance moms. Kyle wants to change her whole life, but Rory doesn’t like the stakes. After all, princesses are the ones who get the happy endings. . .aren’t they?

This sweet romantic comedy is a standalone and can be read on its own. All books in the series can be read in any order so jump in at any time.Welcome to Storybook Valley...Your Vacation Escape

The Storybook Valley books are the perfect beach reads. If you love small town romance, theme parks, fairy tale fun, and amazing love stories, then Storybook Valley will be your new favorite series. Look for the feel-good first novel in the series, Fooling Around With Cinderella.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

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I love author Stacy Juba’s sense of humor!  I chuckled, giggled and may have even snorted through Prancing Around with Sleeping Beauty. The story abounds with quirky characters such as Rory’s grandfather who has an obsession with gnomes, her grandmother who loves to play the fairy godmother and give princess deportment lessons, and her friend the costume mistress who dresses up as Red Riding Hood and wanders around the park just for fun to name just a few.

The story starts with a romantic airplane proposal “Marry me Rory”, which ends up not being a proposal from her boyfriend or for her. Oops! And then things just go downhill in that relationship from there.

Rory’s full name is Aurora Rose Callahan. She is named after none other than Sleeping Beauty, and her family loves to shower her with rose-themed gifts in honor of her middle name. The only problem is that she hates roses. But can’t tell them for fear of hurting their feelings. Which pretty much sums up her character. A people-pleaser who adores her family, she is in a tough spot.

There is such amazing detail in the story about Storybook Valley, the theme park owned by her family. Details about the various rides, the layout of the park, how the rides operate, how fast they run. Seriously, I read things like this and am so amazed at the author’s ability to fully create a world like this. Be sure to return to the blog on March 10, when author Stacy Juba will be a guest here to tell us all about this fun amusement park.

In addition to this, there are also incredible details about Duke’s Animal World. Information about how they care for the animals in captivity using injection training. And how to provide medical care for a giraffe without using general anesthesia which could cause it to fall and break its neck. I won’t go into detail here because I know you will want to read this yourself.

Oh, though this story does stand by itself, before you read it you’ll want to pick up a copy of Fooling Around with Cinderella and read it to enhance the experience!


“Who leaves a porcupine in the middle of a parking lot?” she demanded.

“Who trips over a huge animal carrier? Oh right, someone who’s texting while walking.” A brown-haired-guy in a khaki zookeeper uniform and boots loomed over her. She stiffened at his words until she noticed the dimples sprinkled with cinnamon freckles. He wasn’t mad, just amused. “And it’s not a porcupine. It’s a hedgehog.”

“What’s the difference? It was still in the middle of a parking lot.”

He crouched beside her. “For starters, hedgehogs have shorter quills that can’t easily come off their bodies, while a porcupine’s quills can easily detach themselves. On average a hedgehog has 7,000 quills while a porcupine has approximately 30,000. And a porcupine can grow to triple the size, between 25-36 inches.”

“It was a rhetorical question.”

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2 responses to “Prancing Around with Sleeping Beauty by Stacy Juba – Review

  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful review, and taking the time to read and review for the launch day! So glad you liked all the zoo details. I did a lot of research – I think people would be surprised how much research goes into a book, even a light read like this one. Thanks so much for recognizing that.

    • There are some books that would surprise me that are well researched, but no way anyone could think this one didn’t have lots of research. 🙂 I hope the launch goes well for you. It’s a great book and lots of people should read it!