Racing Christmas by Shanna Hatfield – Book Review, Preview

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Several of the guys in the office constantly pulled pranks on each other. I’ll never forget the time Gerry left the office only to find his truck had been wrapped quite thoroughly with shipping plastic! To the degree that he couldn’t possibly pull it off – he had to carefully cut through it to be able to drive away!

I come up with all kinds of ideas of pranks that would be fun to play on people, yet I rarely actually implement them. I think I have too strong a streak of responsibility and perhaps fear that something could go wrong. . .

Racing Christmas by Shanna Hatfield – Book Review, Preview

Racing Christmas

by Shanna Hatfield

Series: Rodeo Romance #6
Publication Date November 8, 2018
Genres: Clean Romance
Setting: Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada Contemporary
Main Character Ages: 25-34
Written for: Adults
Pages: 252


She’s racing to save the ranch
He’s struggling to win her heart . . . again

Brylee Barton has just one goal in mind: win the barrel racing world championship. Not for the glory, but for the attached cash prize that could save her family’s ranch. When an injury leaves her at the mercy of the very same copper-headed, silver-tongued cowboy she once vowed to loathe forever, she has no choice but to swallow her pride and accept his help.

Fun-loving, easy-going Shaun Price has a million dollar smile, more charm than he can channel, and a string of ex-girlfriends rumored to have started their own support group. When the one woman he’s never quite managed to get out of his head or heart needs his assistance, he jumps at the chance to help. Little does he realize how challenging it will be to keep from falling for her all over again.

With the holiday season fast approaching, will Shaun and Brylee discover the gift of forgiveness, and experience their own happily-ever-after?

This sweet Christmas romance warms the heart, lifts the spirit, and touches the soul with its message of forgiveness, hope, and redemption. Don’t miss it!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

Also in this series: Keeping Christmas

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Racing Christmas is a great addition to the Rodeo Romance series. With a rich cast of characters, both new and those returning from previous books. This latest story will cause your heart to race as Shaun and Brylee are thrown together again for the first time since he broke her heart (and his) six years earlier.

I loved the charming ways that Shaun attempted to win Brylee back. The way he swooped in to rescue her was so romantic! And though she refused his financial help, he found a way around that to help her anyway. Clever man! The pranks that they both played on each other were humorous as well.

While the story was a fun romance, it also dealt seriously with forgiveness and grief. The thing Shaun had done was pretty bad, and the author didn’t make it easy for him to win Brylee. And Brylee’s mom had turned bitter in her grief. Then there was the other thing. . . There were no easy solutions to any of these difficulties, and the author dealt with them appropriately and realistically.

As much as I was charmed by Shaun and admired Brylee, Jason, Shaun’s dad captured my heart in such a big way. His heart was so big and he showed such wisdom. His matchmaking schemes made me smile.

Every time I read one of the books in this series, I learned more about various aspects of rodeos. This one focused more on barrel racing and pickup men (the guys who help the participants at the end of their ride – however it might be needed. See the Wikipedia link above for more information.) Somehow I always pictured barrel racing as being quite safe. Hmm. I was quite wrong on that thought!

As I read, I was amazed by the way the characters in this story intertwined with those from several other of this author’s series, and yet this book stands on its own. If you haven’t read the other books yet, you can jump in right here. If you have, you’ll be glad to see friends from the other stories again and catch up on how they are doing.


Brylee opened her eyes and tipped her head back, watching as the pickup men rode into the arena. One went to catch Rocket while the other hastened her direction. The announcer and the clown told a joke as the medical team hustled toward her as fast as they could make it through the mud.

Frustration battled with anger as the pickup man approached. The last person on earth she wanted to see was that man.

“Maybe today would be a good day to die,” she muttered as she tried again to move her foot from beneath the fence. If she freed it before he reached her, she could crawl over the fence and make her way back to her trailer without speaking to him.

Why couldn’t he have gone on ignoring her like he had the last five and half years? Why tonight, of all nights, was he going to force her to acknowledge him? Didn’t she have enough to deal with, like missing her opportunity to claim the winning title? Or the undeniable fact she looked like a half-drowned kitten that had been dragged through a pig wallow?

She thought of her wasted entry fee. Not to mention the hours it would take to get all the mud scrubbed off Rocket and her tack. Wasn’t a no-score enough punishment without being forced to face the most arrogant, self-centered, childish man she’d ever known?

Trapped on her back in the mud, it seeped through her clothes, chilling her and making her fight the need to shiver. She questioned how she could exit the arena with even a shred of dignity when her pants oozed soupy mud like a toddler’s soggy diaper.

The slap of boots hitting the mud in the arena drew her gaze upward. A handsome face appeared above her as the pickup man leaned over her. Gray-blue eyes twinkled behind thick lashes and a smile full of even, white teeth gleamed in the arena lights. Shaun Price braced his gloved hands on his thighs and offered her an infuriatingly cocky grin.

Why couldn’t she have at least passed out and awakened far away from the infuriating, irritating, Adonis-like cowboy?

“Well, Bitsy, I see you’re still racing Christmas,” he said, his voice sounding as deep and rich as she remembered.

Brylee glowered at him. “You know I hate that name.”

“Yep, I sure do.” Shaun chuckled and stepped back as the medics surrounded her.

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