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And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony. And they did not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die.

Revelation 12:11 NLT

In the past, I have only had authors share their testimonies for my Songs of Salvation feature. I realized that there are others in the writing community who have stories we should all hear and so I have opened up to bookish bloggers to share as well.

Today’s testimony is from a dear lady I have met through blogging. I have seen her on Facebook and we have e-mailed a few times. I love her heart and her enthusiasm and am so happy to introduce you to her here. I hope you come to love her as well.


I am a pastors’ daughter, both parents are pastors so you can imagine the kind of home I grew up in. As a young child I never wanted to be anything like my parents, I wanted to be free to live my life the way I wanted to. I wanted to be the boss of myself. So outwardly I looked like the good pastor’s kid but inwardly I was a rebel. My heart rebelled against God and everything of His and that showed in my choices.

God never overrides our choices, He uses every opportunity to draw us into relationship with Himself but He doesn’t force Himself on us. You have to come to realization you need Him and through Jesus you have His life in you.

I was itchy to leave home so I could live life my way without my parents’ eyes on me. I went to the university and left home. I was a very naive young girl and before I knew it I wandered from the path my parents laid out for me. Looking back, I was never on the path, the fact that I had believing parents did not make me a believer, I had to make the conscious decision. But before I got there I had made horrible choices that damaged my mind and self esteem. I have always been a person full of life and unafraid but I became a shadow of life. I had the worst self esteem ever because of my poor choices, fear became my constant companion because of my choices. I spent 3 extra years in the university, and if not for the absolute mercy of God I would have been withdrawn from the University. In my country Nigeria and indeed the continent of Africa having a university decree(s) and other decrees was a rite of passage. Without it you would not be able to get government jobs or any good job. No one wants to employ someone without a decree. So it was imperative for me to finish school.

On March 4th 2012, I knew my life as it had been was over. Rebellion against the God of my parents had destroyed me. I knew I needed God to help my life. The devil was tormenting my mind, telling me I was a failure and would never be better, his grip on my mind was strong but Jesus was stronger. My younger siblings were exceptional individuals, so I felt I did not belong anywhere; I became a recluse. Oh, and the devil loves when we isolate ourselves from the light! That way he tormented me more.

It was at a prayer meeting in church and I went to God. I told Him I was too damaged and destroyed to be loved by Him. He shouldn’t love me. He should just help me pass so I would be able to graduate from the University. I believe God laughed in heaven. Asking Him not to love me was asking Him to go against His very nature. God is love.

He heard me that day, and 3 years later I finished from the University because of His mercy.

I was happy and thought I was going to be a mediocre all my life, so I set the bar low for myself. I hid myself from people and did only what I knew how to. I was a failure so I did only little things. But God had plans for me. He brought me across Love God Greatly an international community of women who come together to study God’s word using different platforms.

In my heart, I have always been fascinated by God’s word and wanted to be a teacher of God’s word like my dad and Zac Ponen. It is very fascinating that after an encounter with God your values change. So I became an online facilitator with Love God Greatly.

Eight months later, one of the leaders asked me what language we spoke in Nigeria, and I told her we have over 450 languages but I was fluent in Hausa, a language spoken not just in Nigeria but across Africa. She asked how I would love to be a translator with Love God Greatly. I laughed in scorn at myself. I couldn’t do something as great as that, I was a failure. God doesn’t use people like me!

God began using situations like that to work on my mind to make me into who He wanted me to be and to see myself the way He sees me. Oh what beautiful picture that daily is!!! To see ourselves the way God does! I can live through all eternity just staring at that.

I began translating and day by day my life became an upward hill of God’s faithfulness. I was no longer that scared girl with a terrible low self esteem, no! Now I knew I am beloved of God and He has accomplished unspeakable acts through me, my life now looks nothing like it did 7 years ago.

I love books and I am an avid reader and Christian fiction has always stolen my heart. In June I felt I should not just read but talk about books I had read because I have found God not just in His word ,which I love more than life, but in good Christian fiction books. I have seen scriptural truths and principles lived out in the books I read and even though fictional, they have built my faith and helped me apply God’s word to my life with the help of the Holy Spirit.

It’s very beautiful to see how the more you walk with God and seek a personal relationship with Him, His plans and purposes for you begins to unfold. If someone told me January this year that I was going to own a blog and review and talk about Christian fiction I would have laughed the person to embarrassment, but here I am, living God’s plan for my life. I teach His word, have online communities where I lead women in His word, I review Christian fiction books, serve where I am needed just because of His love. I have a growing career and job, something I never thought was possible. I am basking in a love I never earned and will never merit but enjoy. My mind is free from the grasps of the devil. I am living my best life ever. Jesus, I love you.

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord . “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.

Jeremiah 29:11‭-‬13 NLT



About Ebos Aifuobhokhan

My full name is Ebosereme Batya Aifuobhokhan, but for ease of pronunciation you can call me Ebos or Batya. I am a Nigerian and live in Nigeria. I am a lover of God and His word and my life’s goal is to help people by pointing them to God. I teach God’s word, yeah, I am unapologetically by His grace a Bible teacher.

If I am not bent over a book reading you’d find me at the hospital. I am a medical radiographer and mammographer.

I love Christian fiction, I blog about books, review and trying my hands at bookstagramming. Jesus has my heart and attention and I want to see everyone love Him with their lives.


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5 responses to “Songs of Salvation – Ebos Aifuobhokhan

  1. Alicia Haney

    Hi, I love this post!! Thank you so very much for sharing your Beautiful testimony, and Yes, God will always love us and He Always has. Our God is an Awesome God! I am so very Happy for you. God Bless you my friend.