Songs of Salvation – Pepper Basham

Posted July 29, 2018 by Phyllis Helton in Songs of Salvation /

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And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony. And they did not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die.

Revelation 12:11 NLT

I’m pretty sure I was born with a story in my heart.

Or at least that’s what my parents seem to think because from as early as I can remember, I was telling, drawing, and writing stories.

I like to say, now, that it’s just a byproduct of being a child of the Grand Storyteller…and the granddaughter to an Appalachian one.

Some people have a specific time in their l ives when they realize their souls changed from death to life in Christ, but, I’m thankful to say, that I don’t have a strong memory of ever being ‘without’ Jesus. I came to understand him as Savior when I was about six years old and was raised in a big, loud, amazing Appalachian family who slathered me with God’s love, good southern food, and a whole lot of advice.

Within any life, no matter how sweet, there are struggles. Brokenness happened. Change.

When I was about nineteen, I came to a deeper understanding of the faith I’d grown to know. A sweeter love of a faithful Father and a greater gratitude for His gift of redemption through Christ. Sure, life’s had its ups and downs since I was 6 or 19, but the beauty of God’s love is its all about HIM holding us, not us trying to prove we’ve got it all together for His love.



In joys as well as trials, there’s beautiful knowledge in the fact that God is… That’s the core. He is. A healer, savior, redeemer, lover, faith-giver…He is the seed from which we get our definitions of love, hope, creativity, imagination, joy…everything. And then, out of his kindness, he lets me be a vessel and a co-journeyer on this life with him.

So…I guess, in truth, I WAS born with a story in my heart – a story God’s been telling of His love through the life He’s given me to live.

And I’m so thankful, despite my failings or successes, He is the author and finisher, so I know I’m in great hands.


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  1. pepperbasham

    Phyllis, thanks so much for allowing me to visit your part of the cyber world today 🙂 And to tell of the hope that is within me 🙂

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