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And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony. And they did not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die.

Revelation 12:11 NLT

When I was little girl, I was often impatient by nature. My mother’s mother, who married young and built her life around her husband, children, and grandchildren, understood this, as she had felt the same as a young woman still growing as an individual as she was struggling to be the best wife and mother she could manage to be.

“Don’t waste time being frustrated with what you can’t do or have. Take the time to discover who you are, what you love, and where your talents lie. God gave you those talents and interests, but they won’t necessarily be obvious or come easy. Pray and work, but enjoy the discovery.”

Decades later, as I miss my grandmother every day that she has been gone from me and long for her continued wisdom, I treasure the advice she gave me so long ago. The Bible tells us to always be aware that Jesus will return, at any time, and we need to be ready to show Him what we’ve done with the gifts given to us.

I am still impatient at times, and busy as a single mother and employed full-time as well as writing, but I always take the time every morning when I wake to focus on what is important and pray. I always have a long to-do list (don’t we all?) and it is easy to become wrapped up in the day-to-day tasks. Washing dishes, preparing meals, shopping, cleaning, laundry, taking children to activities – these are blessings in disguise; they are a wish for those who have no home to clean, no children to love, or no food to prepare. I take those times to talk to God, or enlist one of my children to assist so we can talk about his or her day, fears, hopes, and dreams. When someone at work is difficult, I try to remember that there is a whole life there that I don’t know about, and pray for them silently while being patient with their moods or needs. Starting the day off with Christ as my focus is a good way to keep Him in the front of my mind so that I am able to return to His teachings when responding to others, especially when acting ‘Christian’ isn’t easy.

Over time, I’ve realized that I do have more than one gift to share with others, as I believe we all do, and have worked towards making those gifts improve not only my own life but those of others. As writers, I think we have the opportunity to offer entertainment as well as thought-provoking material to readers, and if we can raise someone’s hopes, give them a break from a difficult day, or share a story that might reflect their own experience so they know they are not alone, that is an accomplishment.

And we are back to gifts, as in the beginning . . . what gifts has God bestowed upon you? How did you discover them, and what do you do to cultivate them? How do you use them to best serve Him? I’d love to know . . . we are all so different, and it is always interesting to see how God has provided those differences so we can all help each other.

Thank you to Phyllis for allowing me to contribute to Songs of Salvation.

About Cecily Wolfe

Cecily Wolfe is a librarian and author working and living with her family in Cleveland, Ohio. She writes whatever her characters tell her to write, resulting in a variety of stories in different genres, including Christian historical romance, young adult, and contemporary family drama, and loves to read anything that looks interesting. She also enjoys participating in church activities, including teaching Sunday school, as well as swimming and knitting.


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