Teal Paisley Tights by Barbara Brutt – Book Review, Preview

Posted January 11, 2019 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews, Debut Author /

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Only a handful of verses. Outside of genealogies, he is only mentioned in three places. In two of them, it is only a single verse. And yet, I think Enoch is one of the most interesting people in the Bible.

What do we know about him?

In Jude, it is mentioned that he was a prophet, proclaiming the Lord’s return and speaking of judgement against evildoers. In Hebrews, we learn that he was a man of faith and this pleased God. And in Genesis it is mentioned that he walked with God. Both Genesis and Hebrews explain that he did not see death because God “took him”. And that is it.


Many, if not most people, fear death. You can find all kinds of books, articles, and television specials about ways to prolong life. And yet, no one has come up with a way to avoid dying.

Enoch’s faith helped him to speak things that are not easy to say. To speak against anyone, especially to condemn them for being evil, is scary. And yet Enoch had a faith that pleased God and enabled him to speak the words given to him by God.

We also know that he “walked with God”. In Amos 3:3 we read

Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?

If I want to walk with God, I have to agree with Him. I can’t just go my own way and do my own thing because if I do, I’m walking away from Him.

And that part about Enoch not seeing death? Though my body may die, I’m not going to see death either, and for the same reason. My faith pleases God – not because it is such amazing faith but because my faith is in the amazing Jesus who died and rose again so I can have eternal life.

Teal Paisley Tights by Barbara Brutt – Book Review, Preview

Teal Paisley Tights

by Barbara Brutt

Published by Vinspire Publishing
Publication Date November 15, 2018
Genres: Clean Romance, Christian Fiction
Setting: Pennsylvania Contemporary
Written for: Adults
Pages: 366


Life post-graduation was supposed to see the launch of Jadyn’s art career, or at least an art gallery showing one of her watercolor paintings. Instead, this Pittsburgh native is locked into a low-paying consultant position with an impossible boss. When another coworker is fired, Jadyn inherits an extra workload, including the company’s biggest client. If she loses him, she’s fired.

Evicted from her apartment because of a small spending problem, she is forced to move in with her know-it-all sister. While everyone else plans a neat, buttoned-up life for her, Jadyn longs to paint professionally. Stretched like canvas between responsibility and dreams, she must choose.

Will practicality always win?

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

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As Jayden struggles desperately in to fit in and to please those around her she is so dissatisfied! She is an artist, a creative soul, stuck in a world of rigid rules and expectations.

Anyone who has struggled with pleasing others and doing the things expected of them will be able to relate to her. Watching her as she gets caught in the spiral of saying what she thinks is expected and almost losing the man she cares about because she doesn’t know how to say no to her friend. . . I felt so bad for Jayden!

I loved how the author used the story of Enoch to help Jayden to begin to look at what it would be like to live in such a way to please God instead of just trying to please people.

As a debut novel, I was glad to see that the story was not predictable and it was well written. It was a good look into the heart of a woman trying to conform to the world around her and hide the things that made her unique. Like her love of wearing teal paisley tights.

About Barbara Brutt

Barbara Brutt, a born and raised Pittsburgher, spent her growing-up years with her nose in a book. After claiming her bachelor’s degree in English, she plunked down hard into a smattering of jobs from shop girl to communications director with a healthy dose of nanny and house-cleaner. Flying to new adventures is her favorite, especially on an airplane or aerial silk. Barbara adores ice cream and only buys purses that provide room for a book or two.

Barbara talks books, aerial silks, faith, and travel on her website and blog at barbarabrutt.com.


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