The Art of Eavesdropping by Christy Barritt – Book Review

Posted August 21, 2020 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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The Art of Eavesdropping  by Christy Barritt – Book Review

The Art of Eavesdropping

by Christy Barritt

Series: The Sidekick's Survival Guide #1
Series Rating:
Published by River Heights
Publication Date April 14, 2020
Genres: Christian Fiction, Mystery
Setting: Virginia Contemporary
Main Character Ages: 25-34
Written for: Adults
Pages: 230


Elliot Ransom isn’t living her best life.
Moving halfway across the world and leaving behind a community she loves has left Elliot restless. Though Storm River, Virginia, may be beautiful, the river town is also a playground for haughty politicians and wealthy playboys. As a missionary’s daughter who’s struggling to help pay her sister’s medical bills, Elliot feels nearly invisible.
Needing a change, she takes a new job with a hot shot private investigator. Little does Elliot know she won’t be doing filing and background checks—she’ll be in the field. As her new boss begins training her to be his sidekick, she finds herself surprisingly invigorated but also cautious of the man’s methods.
On her first assignment, she finds evidence that could prove their client, a professional athlete accused of murder, is innocent. The problem is that the real killer may have seen Elliot’s face—and now someone is watching her every move.
Can Elliot keep this new career a secret from her worry-prone mother? Did she put her family in danger when she took this new job? Learning the art of investigating shouldn’t be so dangerous . . . but this case just might be as dicey as the new town she’s living in.

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Full of quirky characters and mystery, The Art of Eavesdropping was a whole lot of fun!

Elliot, having grown up in the jungles of Yerba (don’t worry, you won’t have heard of it – it’s an imaginary country in the Amazon jungle), lacked context for Americanisms and was quite out of her element. This brainy woman had a propensity of creating rhymes when stressed. She had an uncanny ability to notice and catalog details many people would miss.

Velma, the receptionist at the detective agency, was a riot! She worked out at the local sporting goods store so she didn’t have to pay for a gym membership. And Elliot had been warned about accepting any food from Velma – ever. The reason behind that was … at least slightly disturbing. <Shudder> Yet despite her extreme frugality, she didn’t have a problem spending her boss’s money when tasked to…

I found myself snickering throughout the story at the situations Elliot was in and at her thoughts! I also laughed at the details of Yerba that author Christy Barritt created. The national Festival of the Chicken was so fun! And the way the Chicken Dance came back to haunt Elliot at the most inconvenient time!

Thrust into the world of undercover sleuthing and setting out to prove the innocence of a world-renowned golfer, Elliot found herself in peril of her life. Again and again!

There is a light faith element to the story, with Elliot praying for wisdom and help. It is her way of life and is simply a part of who she is.

This light-hearted mystery is the first in a new series which promises to be an enjoyable one. Despite murders and threats of danger, it is not overly suspenseful or gory. While the murder was solved, in the end, the stalker’s identity and purpose are still unknown, a serial killer remains at large, and she is still discovering the secrets her father left behind. To coin a genre, I would consider it MurCom. Or should that be MysCom? Hmmm

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