The Cost of Knowing by Allan Packer Book Review, Preview

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“Things really ended bad.”

Immediately my brain corrects the statement to “Things really ended badly”.

“The cat that was gray played on the grass.”

“The gray cat played on the grass”. Or, to make it more fun, “The gray cat frolicked on the grass”.

I can’t help it, and no matter if it is someone talking or something I’m reading, there is some internal editor (or maybe a teacher) that wants me to make sure I know the correct phrasing. I’ve always done this and while it may have arisen from my early forays into writing and wanting to come up with the best possible sentences, it might also be a way that I ensure that I don’t fall into wrong patterns of speech.

While I don’t often note here if a book has grammatical errors, there are times that there are just too many to ignore. So when I read a book and I don’t find myself making corrections, it is such a pleasure!

The Cost of Knowing by Allan Packer Book Review, Preview

The Cost of Knowing

by Allan Packer

Series: The Stone Cycle #2
Series Rating:
Published by Luminant Publications
Publication Date March 26, 2019
Genres: Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Written for: Adults
Pages: 375


The ripples begin to make waves

Thomas Stablehand's life is not the only thing spinning out of control since he found the stone. Entire kingdoms are now in turmoil.

Will Prentis, newly appointed as army commander, must outmaneuver a growing array of enemies as he prepares for an unequal showdown with Arvenon's invaders. Thomas, hunted unceasingly, must sacrifice all to safeguard the stone.

The fate of kingdoms soon hinges on them as they confront a ruthless invader hiding a darker purpose.

The odds are hopeless. And for three kingdoms, the stakes are far higher than anyone knows.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

Also in this series: The Stone of Knowing, The Seer, The Stone of Authority, The Struggle for Authority, The Stone of Vitality

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Simply stated, I love the way Allan Packer turns his phrases. There is an elegant beauty in the language of his books and his word choices are impeccable! In addition, either the editing is just about flawless or the story was compelling enough that I was not conscious of errors as I read The Cost of Knowing.

I loved the way the author wove the lives and actions of his many characters so carefully and brought them full circle. Surprising connections between them came to light greatly enriching and enhancing the story. While I sometimes get lost in stories with too many characters, perhaps those in this one were simply memorable enough. Regardless of the reason, I had no trouble keeping track of each of them.

With so many characters in so many parts of the country, each chapter set the scene with a different one of them. I had the sense of a master weaver combining the individual threads of the story to make a single tapestry.

The author’s insight into human nature, motivations, and fears, came through so clearly. It was action filled and insightful.

The battles were described in just the right amount of detail. I was able to picture Will’s strategy and the lay of the land. I could see the hand-to-hand combat and hear the clash of the swords. As with other epic fantasy works (the Lord of the Rings trilogy comes to mind), the details of the battle consumed chapters, and yet the strategy and the action was emphasized, not the gore.

There were some surprise appearances of characters from The Cost of Knowing. I won’t spoil your fun of finding out who they were. But I will say to the author “well done!” The ending was a great conclusion, and the most important details were tied up. Wait? What do I mean “the most important”? I mean that there were just a few hints that we are not done with the world of Thomas and Will and Stephan, and yet if no more stories were to be written, I would not feel as if I was left hanging. (Make note, though, Allan Packer, I will be upset if you don’t continue telling me more of this wonderful world!)

The Cost of Knowing concludes the first two books of The Stone Cycle series. This series is very interconnected and designed to be read as a set. In fact, I was thrilled that there wasn’t any backstory shared from the first book, taking up valuable real estate in this one. You will be lost if you have not read The Stone of Knowing, so hurry and grab a copy if you haven’t read it already.


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About Allan Packer

Allan Packer is an emerging author of epic fantasy. The Stone of Knowing and The Cost of Knowing are his first two novels.

Allan grew up surrounded by books and became an avid reader during his childhood. In his university years fantasy displaced science fiction as his favorite genre, thanks primarily to J. R. R. Tolkien. He later shared this love with his four children by reading The Lord of the Rings to them aloud – a three-month marathon he completed twice during their formative years.

Born in Australia, Allan has lived and worked on three continents, and spent one quarter of his working years abroad. Having worked as an IT professional throughout his career, he was first published as a technical author.

Today he lives with his wife in Adelaide, South Australia, near their children and a small but growing band of grandchildren.

Allan is currently working on the next installment in his series The Stone Cycle.

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