The Last Roses by Jeanette-Marie Mirich – Book Review, Preview

Posted May 1, 2020 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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The Last Roses by Jeanette-Marie Mirich – Book Review, Preview

The Last Roses

by Jeanette-Marie Mirich

Series: D.B. Burns Mysteries #2
Series Rating:
Published by Mountain Brook Ink
Publication Date May 1, 2020
Genres: Christian Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Clean Romance
Setting: Kentucky, North Carolina Contemporary
Main Character Ages: 35-60
Written for: Adults
Pages: 312


On a trip home from North Carolina, Delilah Burns Morgan…
…is stopped in her tracks by a deer she whacks into oblivion. Lyle Henderson, the man she loves but put off marrying, comes to her rescue. Life would be a bed of roses if, during a week of recovery at the Henderson family estate, a lascivious conversation hadn’t been overheard, the mystery of a dead girl is revealed, and someone using Lyle’s cabin in the woods as a rendezvous hadn’t altered their plans.
Then Delilah’s beloved god-daughter and best friend’s only child is kidnapped. With Josephine in tow, Delilah sets out to bring Savannah back home.
Roping in friends for help, Delilah’s neighborhood burgeons with former clandestine government officers setting up an op center and Lyle and her minister disappearing to follow leads.
An attempt to fricassee Delilah and a pompous businessman make Delilah and Lyle determined to unearth the villains and find Savannah before it’s too late.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

Also in this series: The Courtship of Harry's Wife , You Promised Me Paris

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Have you ever noticed how sometimes the second book by an author you loved just isn’t quite the same? You settle in, all prepared to love it and then you don’t.

No worries here! The Last Roses reminded me of everything I loved in The Courtship of Harry’s Wife. The same delightful characters returned (and the odious ones as well!) I was enthralled from the start by the language and descriptions. The author has a way with words that captures the attention and delights the mind.

While Delilah deals with a sewage problem that seems to compound daily (with the help of the townspeople who hate her), situations dealing with the refuse of the heart arise related to human trafficking. As she, Lyle, and their friendly local government officials attempt to locate and rescue Savannah, she gets into some serious trouble!

I appreciate the manner in which Ms. Mirich handles this ugly situation so gracefully. It is clear that things are bad and yet it isn’t offensive to read. And even though many of the characters use language I would never want to listen to, the knowledge they did is not conveyed using the actual words.

If you enjoy Christian fiction that deals with difficult subjects without dragging you down into the mire, I highly recommend the D.B. Burns Mysteries!

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About Jeanette-Marie Mirich

Jeanette-Marie Mirich moved twenty-two times before settling into her first home. She has swum in the Ligurian Sea, collected shells and sea glass along the Indian Ocean, Pacific, Atlantic, Caribbean Oceans, Straits of Malacca, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Andaman Sea. An Oregonian native, Jeanette-Marie splits her time between her home in Kentucky and an Oregon cabin where she scribbles poems, short stories, and weaves novels. Mother of three, Grammy to thirteen, Jeanette-Marie is passionate about the needs of others, quilting, and spreading a love of color wherever she goes.

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