Welcome to Isaiah’s Legacy Blog Hop – Stop #7

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Welcome to Isaiah’s Legacy Blog Hop – Stop #7

1 Week ~ 24 Blogs ~ 3 Incredible Prizes!


Learn a little about Isaiah’s Legacy and enter multiple giveaways while picking up CLUES at each stop. Compile all the clues, submit the final PHRASE at the last stop, and you’ll be entered to win one of 3 Grand Prizes!

What are the prizes? They’re completely unique to the winners!

Mesu will contact each winner personally to chat about what they would most like to see in Israel, and then she’ll SHOP for just the right gift while touring Israel, March 6-19! She’ll then purchase a personal and memorable gift specifically chosen for each of those three winners and ship them to each one when she returns. How fun is that?!

How does the Scavenger Hunt & Blog Tour Work?

  • Begin at Stop #1. At the end, you’ll find a CLUE and a link to the next stop. Progress to each stop IN ORDER.
  • Collect all the clues—in order—and submit the full phrase at the last blog stop in the Rafflecopter form. Every stop has a clue, so be sure not to skip any along the way!
  • You may enter the final giveaway only once and win only one grand prize.
  • The Hunt begins 2/19/20 at noon EDT. Deadline for entries is Tuesday, 02/25 at midnight Eastern.
  • For best results, hunt through our list using Chrome or Firefox as your browser (not Explorer).

There is NO RUSH to complete the hunt—you have a whole week! As you visit each blog, it’s our hope that you get to know Mesu’s BFF team and discover the heart behind Isaiah’s Legacy.


I’m Phyllis. Isaiah’s Legacy is the second book I’ve helped promote on Mesu’s BFF team. I love her love for the Lord and her heart for accuracy in her writing.

A seven day Bible reading plan has been created in the YouVersion. It includes a devotional and readings from the Old and New Testament. CLICK HERE to check out out Manasseh – A 7-Day Journey to a LIfe Unchained.

With family members and friends with children on the autism spectrum, I asked Mesu to tell us why she would link Manasseh with autism. Here is her response:

Why Mesu Placed Manasseh ‘On the Spectrum’


Why would anyone link an ancient Judean king with autism? Let me begin with full disclosure. No one in my family or circle of close friends has officially been placed on the spectrum. I didn’t write King Manasseh’s fictional persona as high-functioning autistic (HFA) to push any hidden agenda. I wrote Judah’s fourteenth king with this struggle because the research led me to it.

Let’s start with the questions that plagued me when I began researching Isaiah’s Legacy:

  • Why would Manasseh—the son of Hezi and Zibah, two devout Yahweh worshipers—turn so vehemently against Yahweh?
  • Why does the Bible add starry hosts to the list of gods Manasseh worshipped—different gods than those worshipped by his saba Ahaz and other pagan Judean kings before him?
  • Why was Manasseh so violent in his worship (2 Kings 21:16), and whose “innocent blood” filled Jerusalem’s streets?

What the Rabbis Said

Jewish historians argue over Manasseh’s eternal fate, but they agree that he possessed a profound knowledge of the Torah (what Christians call Old Testament) and could interpret Leviticus fifty-five different ways (Sanh. 103b).

The concept of a superior intellect was my first inkling that Manasseh might have been HFA. Some studies show Savant Syndrome in as many as 80% of Asperger’s cases, while others show it in as little as 10%.

Welcome to the world of autism. The phrase I heard repeatedly from everyone I interviewed was:

“If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.”

What the Experts Said

After several months of research, I began writing—and knew immediately I was in over my head. I sent off several chapters to my sweet author friend, Pepper Basham, who also happens to be a “speech-language therapist with specialty in social communication disorders” (laymen’s terms: speech therapist for autistic teens). She helped a TON with the language piece, but I needed more direction from a different kind of expert.

I called in the “Mom Squad,” sending chapters to five moms of adolescent HFA boys. One of those moms went through my entire manuscript, giving feedback on Manasseh’s every thought, word, and action. Honestly, I couldn’t have written this book with its HFA authenticity without her input (HUGE thank you, Katie!).

My final consult came with a woman from Texas who works with HFA young adults to help them transition from Mom & Dad’s house to a semi-independent group environment. Juli’s expertise as a Certified Autism Specialist was invaluable.

3 Questions Turn to 3 Reasons

As I delved into research and interviewed both medical professionals and expert moms, I learned valuable lessons about HFA individuals that helped answer my questions about Manasseh. Those answers helped me decide WHERE on the spectrum to place Manasseh in regard to his thoughts, speech, and actions as he matured and developed from a child to adolescent to an adult king.

I hope you’ll follow me to the next blog to hear more!

Thanks for stopping by! Remember to write down your CLUE before clicking to the next stop.

Here’s the Stop #7 stuff

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Enjoy the hunt!


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