When the Heart Sings by Liz Tolsma – Book Review, Preview

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When the Heart Sings by Liz Tolsma - Book Review, Preview

We live in a fallen, sinful world and in a time that is uncertain and filled with evil men. If you spend any amount of time watching the news, it can cause you to lose heart and to fear.

I am constantly hounded by those who slander me,
and many are boldly attacking me.
But when I am afraid,
I will put my trust in you.
I praise God for what he has promised.
I trust in God, so why should I be afraid?
What can mere mortals do to me?

Psalm 56:2-4

The Psalmist knew what it was like to be afraid. He never tried to hide that fear, instead, acknowledged it and called out to God for strength in those times. Despite His failures, he knew that God would always be faithful.

In that same way, we can always trust God, no matter what the circumstances. Not with the expectation that everything in this world will be rosy, but with the knowledge that mere mortals can’t separate us from God and this life is just a vapor compared to the eternity we will spend with Him.

When the Heart Sings by Liz Tolsma – Book Review, Preview

When the Heart Sings

by Liz Tolsma

Series: Music of Hope #2
Series Rating:
Published by Gilead Publishing
Publication Date October 9, 2018
Genres: Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Clean Romance
Setting: Poland World War II Era - 1939 - 1946
Written for: Adults
Pages: 319


Natia has a secret, and she’s hiding him right beneath her captor’s nose...

The Nazis have forced Natia and Teodor from their Polish farm to a labor camp. When the couple is separated, Natia is chosen to be the housekeeper for the camp’s overseer, and Teodor is sent to work in the factory. Despite the strict camp rules—and the consequences for disobeying them—Natia finds a way to communicate with Teodor by sending messages through song as she passes Teodor’s dormitory. 

The stakes get higher when Natia finds a Jewish orphan on the overseer’s doorstep. She is determined to protect the boy and raise him as the child she and her husband were unable to bear— but if her German captors discover how much she’s hiding, both she and Teodor may pay the ultimate price. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

Also in this series: The Melody of the Soul, The Refrain Within

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Through most of this book, I had tears threatening. The author did such a great job communicating their fears, their pains, and their hopes. Teodor and Natia are a young Polish couple who have only been married for a few years and yet in that time have experienced tremendous grief at the loss of three babies who never had a chance to breathe. When notice is given to them that they have to cede their farm to a German family and report to a labor camp, Natia has not yet even healed from her most recent miscarriage.

The love these two have for one another is so tender and sweet. It is the kind of love that every girl dreams of. The kind of love that we are told to show as husbands and wives. Their separation broke my heart.

Teodor was such an amazing, valiant hero. Before they left for the labor camp, he went to the grocer to settle his bill there. Amazing! And he ended up being a leader in the labor camp, an inspiration to the others when the Nazis attempted to divide them. Even in his weakness, he found his strength in God.

I loved the way that Natia was able to reach Teodor by singing as she walked past the factory, and how despite his lack of musical ability, he would reply. The way they knew so many songs and could communicate things through the lyrics because of that bond was touching.

Despite the fear and the uncertainty for the Polish people at the time, and despite the violence and cruelty of the Nazi officers, Natia and Teodor were able to show kindness to those around them and to spread hope. None of the events seemed unrealistic or contrived and the violence that was conveyed was done so in a manner that was not overdone or gratuitous.

Fans of Christian and historical fiction are sure to enjoy this touching and tender story.


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About Liz Tolsma

Liz Tolsma is the author of several WWII novels and prairie romance novellas. The Rails to Love collection released in October 2016. The Matchmaker Brides collection releases in February 2017, and her next WWII novel, The Melody of the Soul, is scheduled to release in April 2017. She is a popular speaker and an editor. She has lived in Wisconsin most of her life, and she now resides next to a farm field with her husband and their two daughters. Her son proudly serves as a U.S. Marine. They adopted all of their children internationally, and one has special needs. When not busy putting words to paper, she enjoys reading, walking, working in her large perennial garden, kayaking, and camping with her family. Please visit her blog, The Story behind the Story, at www.liztolsma.com and follow her on Facebook, Twitter (@LizTolsma), and LinkedIn. She is also a regular contributor to the Pencildancer blog and the Midwest Almanac blog.

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